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26 Bucket List Vegetarian Foods You Need To Try In Vancouver Even If You're Not Vegetarian

You'd never guess that these are all vegetarian.
Editorial Operations Manager
26 Bucket List Vegetarian Foods You Need To Try In Vancouver Even If You're Not Vegetarian

You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy some seriously delicious meat-free meals. I may be a vegetarian, and yes, I may have converted a few friends over to my side, but that's not the point of this article. I know that without a doubt, we have some amazing veg foods right here in Vancouver that most people overlook! 

Even if you aren't a vegetarian, you shouldn't be afraid to strut into Meet on Main and order that (vegan) Crispy BBQ burger! If you enjoy trying new tasty foods, then that's what matters. Trust me, I have some amazing foods listed below that you will definitely want to check out.

If you like your meals to be super trendy, drool all over your plate and Instagram-worthy then this list is for you. Let's get started.

1. Avocado Benedict at Heirloom // 1509 W 12th Ave

2. Pho at Lotus Seed Vegetarian // 3665 Kingsway Ave

3. Fried Artichoke and Waffles at The Acorn // 3995 Main St

4. Crispy BBQ Burger at Meet on Main // 4288 Main St

5. Naam Dragon Bowl at The Naam // 2724 W 4th 

6. Hummus Burger at Sejuiced // 1958 W 4th

7. Veggie BBQ Pork Bun & Veggie Gyoza at 3G Vegetarian // 3424 Cambie St 

8. No Bull Burger at Tera V Burger // 2961 W Broadway

9. Garden Special Pizza at Vegan Pizza House // 2119 Kingsway Ave

10. Chomp Sliders at CHOMP Vegan Eatery // 3586 Fraser St

11. Falafel Plate at Nuba // Various Locations

12. Burrito Bowl at Budgies Burritos // 44 Kingsway Ave

13. Spicy Kimchi Roll & Key Lime Pie at Eternal Abundance // 1025 Commercial Dr

14. Breakfast Bowl at Bandidas Taqueria // 2781 Commercial Dr

15. Black Pepper Seitan Stirfry at Panz Veggie // 3485 Fraser St

16. Los Tacos Pizza at Virtuous Pie // 583 Main St

17. Acai Bowl at MELU Juice & Health Bar // 1100 West Pender St

18. Vegan Burrito Bowl at Maizal RMF // 2815 Main St

19. Maple Walnut Donut at Cartems // Various Locations

20. Veggie Tray at Capilano Sushi // 1240 Marine Dr

21. Buckwheat Pancakes at ZEND Conscious Lounge // 1130 Mainland St

22. Butternut Squash Wrap at TAO Organics // 210-150 Esplanade West

23. Caramel Sea Foam Ice Cream at Umaluma Gelato // 235 East Pender Ave

24. Nut-thing Better Acai Bowl at Buddha-Full // Various Locations

25. Chickpea Fries at Chickpea // 4298 Main St

26. Cinnamon Roll at Edible Flours // 2280 West Broadway

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