University life is complaining about a sneaky prof, bitching about random people, partying with friends until 6am, sending papers at 11:59pm and living on take away food. But most importantly, it's about building lifelong memories...

Remember your first year? You were full of hope, and proud of studying at one of the best universities in Canada. Four years later, tears and sweat have clouded your expectations and people have given you the best (and worst) memories. You've grown up, maybe not the way you're expected to, but disappointments and failures have made you capable of entering into the "real world".

Graduation day will be the beginning of a new you. Time for the "goodbyes", the "sorries", the "I love yous", to people that really matter. You will never be as free as you are now. Be proud of your accomplishments and failures and enjoy the UBC student experience until the last minute!

Here is a list of 26 things every UBC student needs to do before graduation:

Phot cred - @bonfireaddict

1. Burn your notes with your classmates

2. Ask your university crush for a date

3. Buy a ridiculously expensive item at UBC Bookstore

4. Dance on tables at Koerner's Pub

5. Buy Strawberries at UBC Farm

Scrumptious aphrodisiac...

6. Go on a road trip with your friends without planning anything

7. Take billions of selfies on The Nest's roof top

8. Send a childhood picture of yourself to your favourite prof

Make sure she/ he'll remember you.

 9. Change someone's life by giving blood to the UBC Hospital

Give a chance to others to create beautiful memories.

10. Taste all the dishes of the International Food Court

11. Take a sassy UBC picture

 12. Have an after club meal at McDonald's

Eat it with no regrets.

13. Leave a comment in the guestbook of all UBC museums // @MOA, @BeatyBT, @PME, @Belkin

Photo cred - @ubccalendar

14. Hook up with a stranger at your last UBC student party

15. Inspire coming students by writing your favourite quote in bathrooms

16. Sell all the stuff you bought for unknown reasons on UBC Buy & Sell Items

Finally get money from your Facebook skills.

17. Kiss your lover in the Rose Garden

18. Get a tattoo to mark the end of your university life

19. Follow the UBC Alumni on social media

And remember why you went to UBC.

20. Start a Flash Mob on campus

20. Swim naked at Wreck beach

21. Book an appointment with your hairdresser for graduation day

Got to be outstanding on the D-day.

22. Try every Blue Chip Cookie from Upper Case

23. Carve the initial of your university lover on one of tree of the Pacific Spirit Park

24. Enjoy the fancy society of University Gold Club  

Time to work on your networking skills.

25. Write a list of your life goals

Photo cred - @weheartit

26. Thank your friends for those amazing memories of yours

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