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26 Things To Do For Your Birthday In Vancouver If You're A Last Minute Person

The ultimate procrastinator's guide to bday fun.
26 Things To Do For Your Birthday In Vancouver If You're A Last Minute Person

Typically, your friends can be divided into two groups. First, there are the Type A's who are super organized and plan everything in advance. And then you have the ones who probably leave everything to the last minute.

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Most of us can usually get by with leaving stuff to the last second, but when it comes to planning your own bday - let alone your BFF's birthday bash - you certainly don't wanna just get by. In fact, you want them to have an unforgettable night of letting loose that they'll fondly think back on for years to come! Only problem? You can't change the fact that you were born into the #procrastinatorlife.

So, here's our solution. We've come up with a list of super fun things you can take your bestie to do on their birthday that don't require much planning or scheduling in advance. We've taken care of the ideas, and now all you've gotta do is round up your crew and take your bday buddy out on an awesome birthday adventure. Let the festivities commence!

1. Have a wavy games night at Storm Crow Tavern

2. Act classy and take your BFF to high tea.

3. Go on a day trip to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival (April and May babies only!).

4. Yaletown Brew Pub. Because they shoot confetti guns at you for your birthday.

5. Let your inner child free at the largest trampoline park ever.

6. Enjoy a unique paint and sip night.

7. For the friend who loves adventure and the outdoors, conquer one of these bucket list hikes!

8. Grab a few cold ones and take them to Wreck Beach.

9. Make your own all-natural bath bombs.

10. Take your cheese-loving bestie to La Mezcaleria for a Chorizo Queso Fundido.

11. A classic picnic at the park with some Bocce balls perhaps?

12. Go stargazing at Oliver's Landing with your "friend" *cough* that you want to impress.

13. Go for drinks up at Top of Vancouver.

14. Challenge your super competitive friend to a game of bubble soccer.

15. Go speed racing at a go-karting rink.

16. Strike out some pins and down some pints at Commodore Bowling & Billiards.

17. Take your music-loving birthday boy/girl to a live show at Guilt & Co.

18. Break out of an escape room.

19. Indulge in copious amounts of chocolate at Cacao 70 with your chocoholic friend.

20. Share a gigantic $90 boozy punch bowl at The Parlour.

21. Try indoor bouldering at The Hive.

22. Set up a cozy trunk and watch a movie with the squad at an iconic drive-in theatre.

23. Play a competitive game of archery tag or indoor beach volleyball at 6 Pack.

24. Take your bday friend to an improv show and laugh the night away together.

25. Of course, there's always the club.

26. And if really don't think your birthday bestie is going to like anything on this list, it's probably because they don't like to go out. So if they really just want to stay home, watch Netflix, and eat pizza, then do that with them!

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