Port Coquitlam is definitely one of a kind. It's the city we hate to say we're from but tbh, we all have amazing memories of growing up in this small suburban city.

If you grew up in PoCo then you know there's 1. A lot of drinking involved 2. We have a ton of town spirit. It's the town we all love to hate. This quirky little city is known for our legendary house parties and our famous hometown serial killer, Willie Pickton.

Do you hate that feeling when you tell someone that you're from Port Coquitlam, and they just assume that you're from Coquitlam? Did you go to Riverside or Terry Fox Secondary? Do you constantly find yourself defending the term PoCo, because everyone laughs at you when you say it? Then this article will be right up your alley.

Here are some things that you will definitely remember if you grew up in Port Coquitlam.

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1. The struggle of getting stuck behind the train on Westwood St. 

2. Or even worse .. getting stuck in between both sets of train tracks on Westwood St.

3. Robert Pickton.

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4. Dreading the 159 bus. 

5. Being physically stuck in between the Coquitlam and Surrey gangs. Yes, PoCo is situated right between the rival cities. 

6. Being referred to as the ghetto version of Coquitlam or Pocompton. 🙄

7. Moving away from town and telling people that you live in Vancouver because no one knows where Port Coquitlam is.

8. Remembering the mornings when you had to wake up waaaay too early for Hockey Academy.

9. Wondering who's going to fight at the Friday night LAX game.

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10. Living for those perfect summer days when you grab your friends, a 6-pack, a couple floaties and head down to the river.

11. Getting into a heated debate about which side of town is better, Northside or Southside. 

12. If you went to Riverside then you were definitely envious that Terry Fox Secondary had a football team.

13. The thunderous sound of the train whistle booming throughout the night. 🙉

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14. If you went to Fox, you probably reminisce about rallying the crew to watch your boys play football after school.

15. When you tell people where you're from but no one has any idea what a "PoCo" is.

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16. Loving our precious local hiking trail, the High Knoll.

17. Staying on high alert anytime an inmate escaped from the institution in Colony Farms.

18. Worrying about bears rummaging through your trash on the daily.

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19. Running all over town trying to find Taylor Lautner when they were filming New Moon in Northside.

20. Grabbing everyone you knew in high school and heading to the end of Dominion St for the weekend bonfires.

21. Being extremely proud that you come from the same town as Terry Fox. 

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22. Participating in the Terry Fox run every year, even if it's pouring rain.

23. The serious lack of bars.

24. You wholeheartedly believe there is a conspiracy involving the fires in downtown PoCo. 

25. You remember running through the cemetery on Oxford St at night, just because.

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26. Being seriously afraid of Riverview Hospital when you were a kid.

27. Planning May Long weekend in Whistler ... in January.

28. When you tell someone you're from Port Coquitlam, and they reply, "Oh cool, I have friends that live in Coquitlam" - and you try to refrain from rolling your eyes.