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28 Struggles Only People From Coquitlam Know Are True AF

When you're trying to play Pokemon Go but you end up at the Hell's Angels clubhouse...
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28 Struggles Only People From Coquitlam Know Are True AF

If you catch yourself making references to growing up in Coquitlam, or if you currently live in Coquitlam and you just like to vent about the small things that really annoy you about your city, this is the article for you. 

Some of these slight nuisances may include 1) Waiting almost a complete decade for a highly anticipated SkyTrain system 2) Struggling to clean up your yard after some hungry bears rifled through your trash bins 3) Our very very limited shopping mall.

If you're from Coquitlam then you will definitely, without-a-doubt, know for certain, that these struggles are true AF.

1. Trying to strategically plan how to get Downtown on a Saturday night, not to mention how to get home. 

2. Coquitlam. Centre. Mall. 😫

3. Waiting almost 10 years for the new Evergreen line.

4. The internal struggle of wanting to taxi downtown but knowing it would break your bank. 💰💰

5. When people don't know the difference between Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam. No, it's not the same thing.

6. If you're from Coquitlam, your parents probably went to the same high school that you went to AKA Centennial.

7. Needing to transit downtown but dreading the 160 bus. 

8. Trying to transit downtown on the weekend but the SkyTrain ends so early. 🙄

9. Not having any Vancouver worthy clubs, so you resort to the local bar scene. 

10. The large increase in the homeless community.

11. Thinking you live in a nice quiet suburb, but actually, there's a ton of gangs.

12. Like the Red Scorpions.

via @owirkus13. Getting an unexpected visit from some bears in your backyard.

14. I swear it rains more in Coquitlam than any other city in the GVA.

15. Your life revolves around hockey.

16. When you're trying to play Pokemon Go but you end up at the Hell's Angels clubhouse..

17. The non-stop construction on our main roads!

18. Running into deer, coyotes, and even the occasional cougar.

19. Walking your dog in Mundy Park with the rest of Coquitlam.

20. Always wondering if your next door neighbour has a grow op because let's face it, most houses in Coquitlam have grow ops.

21. Being from a hockey town, but not loving hockey (I didn't mean it, I swear🙊).

22. Casually bumping into bears in parks, schools and hiking trails.

23. Living in Westwood Plateau during a snowstorm. There's no way to get down that hill. 😓

24. Comparing your average house to the mansions in Westwood Plateau AKA where the rich and famous live. 😎

25. You have to specifically set your weather apps for Coquitlam because Vancouver weather is definitely not the same.

26. Getting stuck right in the middle of commuter traffic on your way into Vancouver.

27. The housing prices in Coquitlam are astronomical, even though most of the houses sit empty.

28. Being just far enough away from Vancouver that you avoid it whenever possible.

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