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28 Things You Have To Do For Every Day Of August In Vancouver

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28 Things You Have To Do For Every Day Of August In Vancouver

With the fireworks taking place, Pride events just starting and the tons and tons of food fairs and night markets, it's impossible to keep track of all the events in Vancouver. Nobody likes forgetting or being unprepared for a huge event and the only thing worse than that is a bit of FOMO. 

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Luckily, we've got you covered. Although we couldn't knock down every event, we've got a different event or activity for every remaining day of August. After all, it's summer, it's time to Carpe Diem. What better way to do so than by having your own personal list to start carpin all those diems. 

August 21st to 27th

Pick your week and find your day! 

August 4th to 6th

August 7th to 13th

August 14th to 20th

August 21st to 27th

August 28th to 31st

To start with August 4th to 6th, hit next!

August 4th to 6th

via @tacofinovan

August 4th: Pride Kick-Off Party // Tacofino Gastown

One of Vancouver's best taco places will be having a party with vodka and margarita specials, amazing music and a drag show!

via @kennytaiphotography

August 5th: Celebration of Lights // Various Locations 

It's the grand finale of the 2017 Celebration of Lights! Be sure to find a good spot early and plan in advance!

via @confined_expression

August 6th: The 2017 Vancouver Pride Parade // Downtown Vancouver

It's back and it's bigger than ever! The 2017 Pride Parade is set to host over 650, 000 people and will take place from 12-3 PM.

To see August 7th to 13th, hit next!

August 7th to 13th 

via @jonathan_folk

August 7th: BC Day // Province-Wide

Thank God for stat holidays, it means one more day to soak in some R&R. Why not try one of these amazing beaches in BC?

via @vancanadians

August 8th: Vancouver Canadians Game // Nat Bailey Stadium 

The Canadians take on the Tri-City Dust Devils. You may not like baseball, but it's more a social event and an excuse to drink for 3 hours straight.

via @wearejrg

August 9th: Picnic On The Pier // White Rock

It'll be nothing but white tables across the entire length of the beautiful White Rock Pier. More info can be found here!

via @downbythebeach

August 10th: Waterfront Cinemas // Canada Place

Stanley Park isn't the only place to catch and outdoor flick. You can catch one here for free and on August 10th, Dreamworks' latest 'Trolls" is being played.

via @tauhu221

August 11th: The Shipyards Night Market // North Vancouver

The Shipyards Night Market is always buzzing with live music, food, a beer garden and being just moments away from Tap & Barrel (for more drinks of course!).

via @panicdots

August 12th: Red Truck Concert Series // Vancouver

It's the final day of the Red Truck Concert Series, and the perfect way to kick back with great beer and better music!

via @slidethecity

August 13th: Slide The City // North Vancouver

The 1000 ft. waterslide is back and just in time to beat the summer heat! You can still get your tickets to get in on the action!

To see August 14th to 20th, hit 'Next'!

August 14th to 20th

via @timfromthehobbit

August 14th: Theatre Under The Stars // Stanley Park

There's just no shortage of activities at Stanley Park this summer, and this outdoor play makes for an adorable date idea.

via @sparkle_of_joy

August 15th: Half-Price Admission At Playland // Vancouver

Weekdays are the best bet to avoid crowds at Playland and with half-price off your ride pass, there are no more excuses to get your scream on!

via @angel.burford

August 16th: La Taqueria // Various Locations

Wednesday means you HAVE to take advantage of La Taqueria's 6 for 4 taco deal! You'll probably buy more, but you'll be saving money while you do it!

via @kathrynchao

August 17th: Quarry Rock // North Vancouver

What's the best way to get over the humpday blues? How about BC's backyard and a sweet (but overused) insta?

via @_bethel.youth_

August 18th: KitsFest // Kitsilano

It's Vancouver's biggest sports festival with basketball, beach volleyball and every other sport hitting Kitsilano!

via @superflanker711

August 19th: Crankworx // Whistler 

It's the final weekend of Whistler's annual Crankworx festival. The stunts are bigger, the city is bumping and the clubs will be buzzing.

via @pne_playland

August 20th: PNE Donut Dash // Vancouver

The PNE wants you to do cardio (5 km specifically) all whilst stuffing your face with their famous mini donuts. We don't know about the cardio part, but we're always down to eat.

Let's get the next week rolling! For August 21st to 27th, hit 'Next'!

via @oregonsolareclipse

August 21st: The Black Moon // British Columbia

A Black Moon is coming to Vancouver and you can't miss the celestial event of the year! For more info, read here!

via @write2tg

August 22nd: Free Admission At The Fair // Vancouver

The Fair at the PNE is back and on the 22nd they're giving free gate admission! You best come early to beat the lines!

via @highvalleyofficial

August 23rd: High Valley Plays @ The PNE // Vancouver

Country music fan or not, High Valley is one of the highlights of the PNE's summer concert lineup, and great value for your buck!

via @dinerenblanc.van

August 24th: Diner En Blanc // Various Locations

Diner En Blanc is back with it's white and prestige, and it's sure to be one of the hottest events this August.

via @earnesticecream

August 25th: Ice Cream Bucket List // Various Locations

What complements a Friday evening more than friends (and maybe a few drinks)? Mix in some ice cream and you're off to a good start! We have the best ice cream spots in Vancouver for you to try!

via @teamchomp

August 26th: Richmond Night Market // Richmond

Where has the time gone? Have you even had a rotatoe yet? For the craziest food, best games, and probably stalls and stalls of fidget spinners, head over to the night market!

via @chloefany

August 27th: Pink Salmon Festival // Kitsilano 

Free salmon cooked right in front of your eyes, all you need to do is bring your own plates and cutlery!

For the last week of August, hit 'Next'!

August 28th to 31st

via @remymetailler

August 28th: An Ultimate Vancouver-Wide Scavenger Hunt // Vancouver

What better way allows you to get out of your bubble and rediscover Vancouver than with this scavenger hunt!

via @giangnguyen28

August 29th: Free Admission At The PNE // Vancouver

The Fair is quickly coming to an end! The PNE is offering one more day of free admission and it'd be a shame not to take advantage!

via @beaupearson

August 30th: Starlight Theatre // Richmond 

The first 200 cars to park get the opportunity to enjoy a drive-in theatre, the Starlight Theatre will be showing Grease!

via @jofficial.will

August 31st: Your Final Food Escapade of the Summer // Various Locations

To truly end of your summer with a bang (and perhaps meat sweats), you've got to check out this list of food challenges local to Vancouver!

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