It's tough trying to adult. Whether you're still struggling through university or in the middle of the work week, we get it. We also get that between that $200 dollar textbook or your last payment for car insurance, you're not exactly rolling in cash. We get that too. What we at Narcity here get most though, is that you gotta work hard and play hard to get through the week. 

Maybe that means you're looking to get absolutely sh*t-faced on a Monday evening. Maybe it means that you need a slight buzz to get you over the Wednesday hump. No judgement on our end. So from us to you, and for all the broke-ass students and workers, here are some killer drink specials to get you through the week. 

God gave us seven days in a week, which day(s) will you be drinking? 


Because yes, Monday blues are a thing. 


Still early enough in the week to be reminiscing last weekend. 


Happy Humpday! You're getting closer!


Tomorrow is Friday, so today can totally be a write-off. 


You did it fam, TGIF! 


Saturday night's alright. 


Sunday funday, dead on Monday. 

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1. Gringo // 27 Blood Alley Square, Vancouver

$3.75 beer on tap! Mix that in with some soft tacos and Monday doesn't seem all that bad.

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2. Martini's Restaurant //  151 W Broadway, Vancouver

Five dollar glasses of wine. Enough said.

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3. Big Rock Urban // 310 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Happy Hour from 3-6pm and 9pm-close means you're set! $4 sleeves, $6 pints and $5 highballs!

via @bonjourachel

4. Joe Fortes //  777 Thurlow St, Vancouver

Usually known for their weekend brunch, $5 gets you a pint of Molson, red or white wine, or a highball!

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5. Deep Cove Brewery // 2270 Dollarton Hwy #170, North Vancouver

Not a special exclusive to Monday, but you'd be surprised how far $7 flights will get you.

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6. CRAFT Beer Market // 85 W 1st Ave, Vancouver

They do a shot of the day for $4, always changing. Fun Fact: Monday is tequila!

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7. Milestones // 2425 Cambie Street and Various Locations 

Bellini Tuesdays: $4.50 for a 1.5 oz, $6.00 for a 3 oz. Pro tip - just go for the three oz!

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8. The Met // 320 Abbott St, Vancouver

$2.25 beers (9oz), $3 highballs and $5 vodka bombs. Unreal.

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9. The Pint // 455 Abbott St, Vancouver

$15 pitchers of beer mixed with 1/2 price ramen... a weird special, but I'll try anything once.

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10. Clough Club // 212 Abbott St, Vancouver

$4 shots of Gin and $5 Gin and Tonic. Abbott Street just seems to be doing Tuesdays right.

'Next' up, it's hump-day!


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11. Joey's // 820 Burrard St, Vancouver and Various Locations

A killer happy hour that includes $4 sangria and $5 beers.

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12. The Met // 320 Abbott St, Vancouver

Back again with honourable mention. It's Karaoke Wednesday with $4.35 Coors and select shots for $3.25!

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13. Martini's Restaurant //  151 W Broadway, Vancouver

Back at it again! On tap beer is $2.75/glass, $5/pint and $12 a pitcher!

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14. The Cambie // 300 Cambie St, Vancouver

Personal fave. Sex On Third Beach for $4.75/7.75 and 5 cans of 'Hey Y'all' for $22. Oh and it's Wing Wednesday.

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15. Cat's Socialhouse //  1540 Old Bridge St, Vancouver

Well Highballs for 4.25!

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16. Earls // 905 Hornby St, Vancouver and Various Locations

Staple food that you can't go wrong with, and $4 craft beer sleeves. Done.

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17. The Flying Pig // 102 Water St and 1168 Hamilton St, Vanouver 

$4. 75 House Wine and Lager! Simple, yet effective.

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18. Coco Rico Cafe // 1290 Robson Street, Vancouver 

$4.25 Canadian, Budweiser or Kokanee. It's like you can feel your inner frat boy.

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19. The Black Frog // 108 Cambie Street, Vancouver

$5.25 sleeves and $4.25 Tom Collins (points if you know what that actually is).

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20. St. Regis Bar and Grill // 608 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver 

For a more quiet and relaxing Friday night. $4 Mill St. Organic beer and $8 for an Old Fashioned.

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21. The Winking Judge // 888 Burrard Street, Vancouver

A solid special. $15 for 3 shots of Jamieson and $5.50 for a pint of Red Truck Lager.

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22. The Bourbon // 50 Cordova Street W, Vancouver 

$4 Bud Light, $4.50 Fireball and $4.50 Kokannee. Be sure to check around the corners for free cover too.

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23. The Winking Judge // 888 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Had to mention them again. This time, $15 for 3 shots of Jagermeister and Kronenburg lager and blanc are on special at $5.50.

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24. The Bourbon // 50 Cordova Street W, Vancouver 

Last time I mention The Bourbon I swear. But for $4.25 Rolling Rocks, select shots for $4.50 and more $4.50 Kokannee can you blame me?

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25. Nomad // 3950 Main St, Vancouver

They rock a happy hour from 2-6pm and 10pm-late. You're geting $5 beer, $5.50 cider, and Negroni or Femme Fatale for $6.

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26. Pidgin // 350 Carrall St, Vancouver 

$7.50 cocktails, $6 wine and $5 beer. And whatever the "penincilin" is...

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27. Juniper // 185 Keefer St, Vancouver 

$5 Beer and $7 for Negroni, Moscow Mule or wine on tap. Sunday funday.

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28. Clough Club // 212 Abbott St, Vancouver

The most versatile special of all. Take your drink and make it a double for just $1 more.

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29. Cafe Crepe // 1032 Robson St, Vancouver and Various Locations 

Bet you never expected to see Cafe Crepe here. Bet you never expected that they sell pitchers of draft beer for $12.94. You're welcome.