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29 Never Have I Ever Questions: The Vancouver Edition

You know you wanna play.
29 Never Have I Ever Questions: The Vancouver Edition

You might think you're a true Vancouverite, but how can you be sure?

By grabbing some drinks at English Bay with some friends and playing a game of Never Have I Ever: The Vancouver Edition! 

How do you play Never Have I Ever? Well, just say something you've never done, like "never have I ever farted during sex" and if someone has done it, they drink! It's that simple.

So now that we know the rules, let's play! And let's see who at the party really is the true Vancouverite!

1. Taken drunk photos in the photo booth at The Roxy.

Easily Vancouver's most most active photo booth.

2. Gone nude tanning at Wreck Beach.

I just don't think everyone has the balls to do it.

3. Eaten nachos at The Foundation.

And since it's closed down, you never will.

4. Gone on a Tinder date at Cactus Club or a sushi restaurant.

Why are these always the first go to date ideas?

5. Ran the whole Stanley Park Seawall.

It's long AF so no shame if you haven't!

6. Had a good seat to watch the fireworks during the Honda Celebration Of Lights. 

You basically have to reserve beach space (that's not a thing btw), or get there at like noon.

7. Lined up for 45 minutes for breakfast at Yolk's.

Some people say its worth the wait.

8. Had car sex at the Burnaby Viewpoint.

That 10 minute window defog tho.

9. Been to a Calendar event at UBC.

10. Smoked weed.

Don't lie we know you have.

11. Broken up with someone at Robson Square.

It's lowkey the best breakup spot in the city.

12. Had sushi four times in a week. 

That's too much soy sauce.

13. Been in a riot.

Canucks fans will remember.

14. Thrown up at the PNE.

15. Worn lingerie to FVDED In The Park.

Haha, the ladies that did are wild..

16. Been to Kelowna.

And if you need some road trip pointers, look here!

17. Won a pen at Anton's Pasta Bar.

The bowl of pasta you have to finish is impossible.

18. Rode the mechanical bull at The Bourbon.

19. Gotten drunk at one of the patios on this list.

It's never too late though!

20. Bought book from Little Sisters "Book & Art Emporium".

21. Been to the Greater Vancouver Zoo.

You'd be surprised at how many people don't know we have a zoo.

22. Gone to/started a bonfire at Jericho Beach.

23. Taken the Aquabus to Granville Island.

No, your compass card wont work here.

24. Gone on a winery tour in BC.

You have to go on one of these if you haven't yet!

25. Been to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival.

26. Went out for drinks with friends and brought my own drinks.

Flasks really do save you money on a night out though...

27. Attended 420 Vancouver.

Most the city generally participates.

28. Thrown up on Granville Street.

It really is like a pool on some weekends.

29. Shared this article with my friends.

Only a true Vancouverite would share this article.

*Patriotism intensifies*

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