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29 Struggles Every Vancouverite Has When They Visit Toronto

Welcome to the 6...I think.
29 Struggles Every Vancouverite Has When They Visit Toronto

The tale of two cities. Two cities that sit at the southern border of their respective provinces but could not be more different.

First, you have Vancouver on the West Coast ( coast) where the fresh pressed juice run through our veins and we get jazzed for acro-yoga and single origin coffee. Then you have Toronto. Seriously, what doesn't happen in Toronto? The big metropolitan city is Canada's, New York. Fast-paced, fashionable, and home of Drake. *sigh* 

But there are some fundamental differences that will shock a Vancourite to their core. So when I decided to go there on a two-week vacation here's what I learned...

1. You have no idea where to find a fresh pressed juice.

Don’t even get me started on finding an acai bowl.


2. Everyone keeps asking you if you’ve just been to yoga.

"No, and why do people keep asking me that??" *Tugs at Wonder-Under tights*

3. You’ve figured out that Queens Street is where the fashion district is and that’s all you know.


4. You use the CN Tower as your landmark for everything.

"Okay so if the CN Tower is here then that would mean the Eaton Centre is...."

5. You’ve almost been hit by like 8 street cars.

Are there actual stops for these things or do you just wait in the middle of the road?


6. Your Vancouver layering method has you either overheating or freezing.

There is no in between.

7. You have no idea what sports team just won.

Toronto has a team for like...every sport.

8. You have no idea where the mountains are.

9. Or the ocean...


10. There are way too many food places to choose from.

So you ultimately end up at Miku every night.

11. Finding a YYoga is a slice of heaven.


12. And spotting a JJ Bean brings a tear of joy to your eye.

13. Literally, everyone is an Instagram model.

And you’ve never felt like more of a scrub.

15. You’ve slowly realized that the only thing Torontonians “hike” is the Eatons Centre staircase.

16. You’ve been introduced to cat-calling.

The last time someone yelled out to me in Vancouver was because I had toilet paper on my shoe.


17. You're still trying to figure out where the last T went in "ToronTo". 


18. Proper vegan restaurants just don’t exist.

Is Fresh even vegan?


19. You’ve never seen so much snow in your life.

What are we in Siberia or something?

20. You’ve been forced to trade in your sushi order for questionable street meat.


21. You can’t figure out the subway system or what these tokens are for...

Seriously, somebody get me back to the Expo Line plz.

22. “Heading to the island” is a serious downgrade from what you’re used to.

23. You had to shell out 3 hundo on a new winter coat that you’ll ultimately only wear on this trip.

24. Not to mention the cost to replace all your shoes that have been destroyed by the salt.

25. You’re unsure if it’s The Six, the 6, or the 6ix.

Or if it’s all three??


26. You’re a little insulted that you haven’t bumped into Drake yet.

Or the Biebs for that matter.

27. The most “outdoorsy” you’ve been since you got here is day drinking at the Cabana Pool Bar.

28. You’ve gotten lost less in the Squamish mountains than through Downtown Toronto.

"Hi, yes, could you direct me to the CN Tower, please?"

29. You’re disappointed that Toronto is nothing like New York.


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