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29 Vancouver Girls Who Are Absolutely Killing It On Instagram Right Now

Vancouver is my hometown and I know for a fact that we punch out of our weight class when it comes to creativity and content creation. You have to be creative just to get by in a city where rent and oat milk lattes can easily drink up your whole paycheck! Vancouver is known around the world for being one of the most multicultural and beautiful cities on the planet and that means our Instagram girls have game.

From wanderers and style influencers to artists and foodies, this list encompasses some of the best Instagram content that's coming out of Canada. You'll be inspired to wear that bold outfit, to book that vacation or just check out the cafe you keep hearing about when you follow these women en masse.

These are the women who knew about HUJI before the celebs started using the app to style their photos. These women know how to find the best and most hidden gems in the city and bring it straight to you. They are so highly original that you can't help but double-tap their posts again and again!

Here are 30 women you should follow who are slaying this whole Instagram thing

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Vivian // @wisteria_voyage

Vivian's Instagram is so sumptuous that you really feel like you're there with her! Her travel and style posts are mostly and pastel-hued and perfectly styled so you get a total sense of escapism from every day. This is one of the best Vancouver travel IG accounts to follow if you love to see the world with rose coloured glasses.

Haley Estrada // @haleyestradaa

I love the white and chocolate-hued theme of this amazing Vancouver style account! If you love cute outfit ideas, stylish flat-lays and beauty care, then you'll want to follow this account. Haley does a great job of balancing clean minimalism with cozy substance.

Yasmin Ebrahimi // @yasminebrahimif

Yasmine's Instagram is full of bold style inspiration and carefully chosen stylish Vancouver backdrops. Her outfits are usually brightly hued and or strikingly pattern. She also has an impressive hat collection that will make you want to wear a hat of your own!

Nina Huynh // @yourgirlneens

This is one of the most fun accounts in Vancouver to follow for fashion inspo! Bright colours and retro style choices make Nina's Instagram totally unique. If you like food, style and nail art then you won't want to miss out on this IG.

Nicole Wong // @tokyo_to

I love a healthy dose of art, design and architecture with the style accounts I follow and that's exactly what you get with Nicole's account. She makes good use of the geometry around her to bring an ever-evolving and exciting view of her life. Follow her for travel posts, style inspo and cool places to check out around Vancouver.

Irene // @hintofgrey

You'll love the cozy feeling that this Instagram will bring while you're scrolling! Irene's grey palette, coffee shots and comfy everyday style ideas are a welcome sight on Instagram where some people tend to over style and curate their feed too much. I'm most likely to wear her OOTDs more than any other IGer that pops up on my IG. 

Jasmine Noble // @jmnoble

This is one of the most beautiful travel accounts in Vancouver to follow! Her shots around Vancouver and the world have a gentle muted quality that makes her account simple and lovely. If you're interested in sustainable and minimalist travel and want to see some beautiful destinations, then you won't want to miss out on this account. 

Laura Marr // @laura.marr

Laura's sparkling account will instantly make you feel soothed. She's an RMT student who's making her followers feel connected and grounded. If you love yoga, massage, healing, magic and tarot then you have to follow this Instagram.

Emma Choo // @vancouverfoodie

Emma is the OG Vancouver Foodie and a must-follow if you love to eat. Her food photos are bright, colourful and they'll really make you hungry. Best not to scroll through her account if it's close to lunchtime because you'll have nothing but food on your mind.

Joanna Ha // @joanna_ha

This sweet and minimalist Vancouver account is full of great style and travel inspiration. If you love beach shots, crisp lines and bright natural lighting, then you will love this account! Plus, I love the Aritizia clothes in all of her outfits.

Leslie Rossi // @alifewellconsumed

Leslie has one of the most fun lifestyle Instagrams in Vancouver! She's full of tips on things to do in Vancouver and local travel inspiration. For food, style, travel and beauty—this is a fun account you don't want to miss out on!

Lucy Yun // @beyunique

This avant-garde account is full of colourful hair, florals and outfits! I love her style and travel shots because she has her own take that really sets her apart. Her cheerful shots will be a welcome addition to your Instagram feed.

Steph Yu // @happyandhealthy96

Steph's account is one of my all-around favourites to follow because of her happy smile! Her vegan food shots are amazing and her affinity for sweets and chocolates is really endearing. You'll get amazing recipe inspo and find out about the best places in Vancouver to get vegan food.

Vanessa // @modernmixvan

Vanessa has been blogging since 2008 so she knows her stuff. From nail art and skincare to and style inspiration and shots of her fluffy dog—there are so many reasons to follow her account!

Danielle Wiebe // @danilivinglife

Any girl in Vancouver who's seriously hustling is probably already following Danielle. She's the founder of the Business Babes Collective in Vancouver and her Instagram is perfect if you're working on your side hustle or striving to maintain that work/life balance.

Clarissa Nuttall // @bitemevancouver

This foodie takes lovely well-styled photos of delicious food around Vancouver. She also does some local getaways and travel if you're curious about what to eat around the PNW. Follow here if you're always wondering where you should go for dinner.

Glenny //

For travel, architecture and coffee shots—this is one of my favourite Vancouver accounts to follow! She does a great job of capturing the feel of a place. Plus, her food shots are practically works of art. 

Michelle Wong // @wong.jpg

This is one of the best travel and style accounts to follow because all of her posts seem to be effortlessly put together. Her travels to Asia and the United States make great content for her feed which has a covetable minimalist style. 

Miranda Hudson // @hudsonny

This all-arounder is a great account to follow for a little bit of everything. You'll find posts related to travel, style, cats, design, architecture, and cute places to check out around Vancouver. She also somehow manages to always keep her theme together which I really admire!

Ally Pintucci // @allypintucci

I love following this account because this photographer looks like she's always having fun. Her local shots look magical and her travel shots are really relatable and accessible. Plus, some of her shots can be a little dramatic or moody and that's totally my style!

Jill Lansky // @theaugustdiaries

For style, travel and beauty—this is one of the most popular Vancouver-based IGer to follow. Jill's effortlessly chic look is a welcome addition to the scene. She's an award-winning beauty blogger so you won't want to miss out on following what she's up to!

Angel Zheng // @speakoftheangel

This Vancouver-based blogger gives you equal doses of style and travel. From local adventures to Alberta to far-flung trips to Bali and Korea, there's always something cool to see on her account! It's great to follow her if you do a lot of travelling and want some outfit inspo for when you're out on the road. 

 Alicia Haque // @alicia_haque

Alicia is a local Youtuber and content creator with a fantastic Instagram. Her feed is full of local adventures, places you'll definitely want to check out and travel inspo from near and far. 

 Jacqueline Chui // @jacquelinechui

This is a great account to follow if you love to be cheered up on Instagram. Full of bright colours and fun things to do, this Vancouver IGer covers food, fitness, travel and dogs! Basically, you get all of the fun stuff when you follow her.

Tina Huang // @tinahuanghuang

Another food-loving IGer, Tina's posts are pretty epic like this hot pot night! If you love food and travel and eating food while you travel, then you can't miss out on following her since she seems to know exactly where to go for an unforgettable meal. 

Jess Wiebe // @jesswiebe

I love this IGer's posts because they're super clean and minimal. With a focus on style and design, this account is worth a follow if you like simplicity.

Mitra Barber // @leopardcouture8

Mitra is a fun lifestyle and fashion content creator/Youtuber in Vancouver whose looks are just fantastic. She has good insight into what's cool in Vancouver and if you scroll through her feed you'll get a lot of style and travel inspo. 

Jessica // @jessicaluxe

This is one of the most glam local IGers to follow in Vancouver! She really takes local places and things to do and elevates them to look like they're from a magazine. Plus, her hair and makeup looks are pretty unbelievable!

Alexa Suter // @alexasuter

For cute outfits and fun shots around Vancouver, this is one of the best accounts to follow. I love her shots around Gastown and anytime she posts photos of her food or coffee!

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