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Canada's Top 3 Hotels Were Just Named & They're All Located In BC

Treat yourself!
Canada's Top 3 Hotels Were Just Named & They're All Located In BC

B.C. wanderers should be ecstatic to hear that three hotels in the province were just ranked the best in all of the country. These three best hotels in Canada are guaranteed to make your stay one that you'll remember.

The U.S. News & World Report hotel list is distilled from an enormous 30,000 luxury spots around the world, including Canada, Europe, Bermuda, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the States.

After all the competition, less than 5,000 survived to claim the prestigious "best" position.

After combing through countless luxury hotels in Canada with complex criteria based on reviews, reputation, and hotel class ratings, every last hotel on their top 25 list in Canada is worth a visit.

However, some hotels in our region have risen above the rest. These top three are the gorgeously natural Wickaninnish Inn in Tacoma, the Rosewood Hotel Georgia in Vancouver, and the Fairmont Pacific Rim, also in Vancouver.

They occupy the third, second, and first spots respectively.

B.C. is renowned for its beauty and its attractions so it doesn't surprise us that these hotels ranked first. However, we'll let you be the judge after you visit them for yourselves!

The Wickaninnish Inn takes third place on the list and this hotel is by far the dreamiest. For the nature lover in you, the inn is as beautiful as its name is long. 

Boasting cavernous rooms and giant windows that open right onto the forest and sea, this hotel's cabin-style rooms leave little to be desired.

The only issue, according to the rankings, is that the hotel is hard to get to. Located at 500 Osprey Lane in Tofino, right on the unpaved coast of Vancouver Island, getting here is not for the faint of heart. If you do arrive, you're in for a treat.

If you want to rent at this idyllic inn, a room will cost you $296 per night.

The second best spot in Canada is the infamous Rosewood Hotel Georgia. Even this place's name is fancy. At $355 per night, my wallet hurts just looking at these pictures. But my heart longs for it.

Located on 801 West Georgia Street in Vancouver, this hotel is known for its amazing service that U.S. News says will make you feel like royalty. Between the dynamic duo of posh service and enormous rooms, you'll be left feeling like a queen.

One downside named by U.S. News, however, is that some guests could hear sounds from the bar in their rooms. Bring your earplugs!

Last but certainly not least is the iconic Fairmont Pacific Rim. Not to be confused with the Fairmont Waterfront, Fairmont Vancouver or the Fairmont at YVR. 

Located beside the water in bustling downtown Vancouver, this hotel combines accessibility and convenience of location while offering breathtaking views of the mountain and sea.

If this isn't enough, this hotel is also pet-friendly! Treat your pooch, your feline, or your cactus to undreamt-of luxury. Not to mention, Fairmont Pacific Rim is home to some of the city's best restaurants including Botanist and Giovane Cafe

However, nothing is perfect. U.S. News noted that some of its rooms may be small and in need of maintenance. Other than that though, this is a must-visit.

The Fairmont Pacific Rim

Price Per Night: $343

Address: 1038 Canada Pl., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: As the best hotel in all of Canada, this place will not disappoint.

[rebelmouse-image 25968073 photo_credit="Fairmont Pacific Rim | Handout" expand=1 original_size="1441x1066"]

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