The east coast is great and all, but we Vancouverites know that the west coast is where it's at. There are so many reasons we love to rep the west coast. Vancouver is unlike any other place in Canada. We've got beaches, skyscrapers, mountains and lakes all within the vicinity of a city. It's rare that a place can have it all, but Vancouver seems to fill the criteria. Not to mention our food scene is internationally renown. 

There's no shortage of places that make us proud to call beautiful British Columbia our home. The vast variety of landscapes in B.C. sure makes this province one to remember and cherish. Canada is filled with beautiful cities but we're thankful to call this one our home. 

31. Hatley Castle

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Why it's better: Nowhere else in the country is home to as many film spots as Vancouver. This Edwardian castle has made it's way onto the scenes of many famous films and TV shows, like X-Men and Deadpool. It is a National Historic Site.

30. Penticton

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Why it's better: Hello to a 7km lazy river perfect for floating on a summer day. Penticton is home to the famous Channel which is populated by tubes during the summer. There are also over 70 wineries, beaches, hikes and more!

29. British Columbia Parliament Buildings

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Why it's better: The stunning Parliament Buildings in Victoria are reminiscent of European Parliament buildings. Lit up at night and on the harbour, the building has over 3300 light bulbs.

28. Aldor Acres Sunflower Fields

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Why it's better: Fall is beautiful in B.C. From the fall foliage to the sunflower fields, there's no shortage of autumn magic. Aldor Acres Family Farm has a sunflower field for you to experience some floral magic. There's also a pumpkin patch, petting zoo and more.

27. Botanical Beach

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Why it's better: You can see such cool tide pools at Botanical Beach. If you're lucky you might even see grey whales and orcas in the ocean. The pools are home to various marine species living within the pools. Please do not disturb the wildlife and eco-sensitive areas when you visit and be careful because the waves and tides can be unpredictable.

26. Osoyoos

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Why it's better: Canada's one and only desert environment is in our very own province. home to a desert environment. Osoyoos is full of wonders like the Spotted Lake and also Canada's warmest lake. It's a sight to behold in all seasons.

25. Jones Lake

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Why it's better: If you're looking for an incredible camping experience, Jones Lake is the answer. Spend the day with some brews and floaties on a pristine lake whilst surrounded by mountains. A heads up that a 4WD or All-Wheel-Drive is recommended to drive up to the lake.

24. Lighthouse Park

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Why it's better: For a PNW picture perfect stroll in the park, head over to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. From lofty first-growth douglas firs, west coast waters and a pretty lighthouse, there's no shortage of beauty here.

23. Oak Bay Beach Hotel

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Why it's better: This waterfront spa boasts beautiful water views that you can enjoy while soaking in an outdoor mineral bath. The Oak Bay Beach Hotel is a luxury boutique resort.

22. Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park 

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: B.C. is home to some of the biggest hot springs in Canada. Second to Fairmont Hot Springs (also in B.C.), the scenic Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park is the second largest hot spring in Canada. Escape to a oasis of warm waters with winter wonderland scenery.

21. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is full of wonders like the 450 feet bridge, Treetop Adventures and Cliffwalk. In the winter, the park's beauty takes on a whole new meaning during Canyon Lights, in which hundreds of thousands of lights brighten up the entire park for some Christmas magic.

20. Grouse Mountain

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Only 25 minutes from Downtown is our very own Grouse Mountain, which is unlike ski resorts outside Vancouver. Where else in Canada are you able to see the ocean and the city while you ski down the mountain slopes?

19. Granville Island

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Granville Island is a great place to escape and explore in the city. Filled with markets, restaurants, boats, theatres, great views of the skyline and more, this iconic spot is one of a kind in Vancouver.

18. Sea to Sky Gondola 

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: The Sea to Sky Gondola is arguably one of the most scenic suspension bridges in all of Canada. Set in the mountainous town of Squamish, you can literally go from sea to sky and experience the beauty of the fjords from above.

17. St. Mark's Summit

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: One of the prettiest hikes in Vancouver, and probably Canada, St. Mark's Summit has a view that will take your breath away. Located in Cypress Provincial Park, this hike offers sweeping views of Howe Sound and the Sea to Sky Highway.

16. Stanley Park

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Stanley Park is a world-renown attraction, having previously held the title of the best park in TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice Awards. The beautiful park is 405-hectares big and a fun spot to go biking, rollerblading or for a walk.

15. Helmcken Falls

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: You thought Niagara Falls was big? Wait till you see the cascading glory of Helmcken Falls, which is almost three times the height of Niagara Falls standing at 141 metres tall.

14. Whytecliff Park

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Home to scuba diving, rugged cliffs, Pacific waters and beautiful photo ops, Whytecliff Park never ceases to amaze. Situated along the coastline, this spot is perfect for chilling and tanning by the water, having a picnic, or exploring the area.

13. Yoho National Park

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: B.C. is home to one of the most breathtaking National Parks in all of Canada. Yoho National Park has picture perfect hues of emerald green and turquoise blue. It is home to the iconic Emerald Lake Lodge. The National Park is surrounded by mountains that make for epic hikes and numerous wilderness activities.

12. Okanagan Wineries

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: In this country, wineries are best in the Okanagan Valley. Many of the wineries are award winning and offer beautiful Canadian views to match. If you're heading up to Kelowna, make sure to check out well-known wineries like Quail's Gate and Mission Hill and go wine tasting.

11. Abbotsford Tulip Festival

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: 3 million tulips for you to wander through — sounds like the perfect spring activity right? The annual Abbotsford Tulip Festival always brightens up B.C. with millions of beautiful tulips. Plus you even get the mountains as your backdrop!

10. Othello Tunnels 

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Walk through abandoned tunnels for a highly unique experience at the Othello Tunnels. Located in Hope, this scenic walk also takes you beside a picturesque canyon.

9. Mystic Beach

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: Tucked away on the less frequented side of Vancouver Island is an incredible beach with a must-try swing. Swing life away at Mystic Beach, which is located in Sooke.

8. West Coast Trail

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: This epic week long hike is definitely one to add to your bucket list. The West Coast Trail is a 5 to 7 day backpacking trek that takes you through a vast variety of scenery and sights. You'll encounter rainforests, beaches, cliffs and more!

7. KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: This spa offers serenity to infinity and beyond. The KurSpa at Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon is filled with relaxing amenities, with an outdoor heated infinity pool for spa perfection. There is also an igloo, indoor pool, hot pool, and more.

6. Goldstream Provincial Park

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: The Pacific Northwest has made those picturesque train track bridges Instagram famous, and B.C. is no exception. We've got the Goldstream Provincial Park in Victoria for all your PNW train track picture needs.

5. Joffre Lakes

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: For the most blue lakes you've probably ever seen in Canada, head up to Joffre Lakes. This provincial park has scenic hiking trails, surreal views and beautiful spots for camping.

4. Grotto Spa

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: The #1 Spa in Canada is in B.C.! As ranked by the Spas of America, the Grotto Spa at the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference took the top spot in 2017. The 20,000 square feet spa has a Grotto mineral pool, cascading waterfall and other amenities.

3. Keyhole Hot Springs

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: This natural, undeveloped hot spring is surreal to say the least. Seriously, just check out those views. Please note that the trail to the hot springs is currently closed to the public due to bear sightings.

2. Tofino

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: In this country, surfing is best done on the wild west coast. Tofino is home to incredible waves and beach vibes, making it easily one of the most beautiful places in all of B.C. From surfing, scenery, hiking, wildlife viewing and more, there is plenty of outdoor adventures awaiting in this beach town.

1. Whistler 

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Why it's better​​​​​​​: There's absolutely no need for a discussion — all the best ski slopes are in B.C., including one of the best and biggest mountain resorts in North America, Whistler. The ski town was also the venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.