35 Most Adorable Small Towns Across Canada To Road Trip To With Your Significant Other

Or with your BFF!
35 Most Adorable Small Towns Across Canada To Road Trip To With Your Significant Other

Most of the time when people think Canada they can only think of four big cities: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Vancouver. Little do people know, there are actually so many small town hidden gems in the country.

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Summer is finally here and it's your time to hit the road and explore all these adorable small towns. From Ucluelet, BC to St. Andrews By-The-Sea in New Brunswick, you can choose a short road trip by province, or you can even get super ambitious and do a cross-Canada road trip.

So grab your S/O (or your BFF!), blast that summer '17 playlist and get comfy in that vehicle of yours because you're both in for an adventure!

Now choose your adventure!

West Coast 🌊

British Columbia

Prairies 🌻

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Eastern Canada 🏙

Ontario and Quebec

Atlantic ⚓️

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., and Newfoundland

Territories ❄️

Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut

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West Coast 🌊

1. Victoria // British Columbia

This adorable coastal town on Vancouver Island is definitely worth the visit if you're in BC. Victoria is only a short ferry ride away from Vancouver and the seafood in incredible.

2. Ucluelet // British Columbia

Treehouse hideaways and relaxing getaways, Ucluelet is the place to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of BC all the while enjoying the humble small town life.

3. Kelowna // British Columbia

Ahhh Kelowna - wine country. This adorable small town is right in the Okanagan among all the incredible BC wineries and vineyards. If you make a stop in Kelowna, make sure you do a wine tasting road trip.

4. Coombs // British Columbia

Coombs is a super popular, weird and wacky, tourist attraction for many who visit Vancouver Island. Their known for their Old Country Market with goats that live on the roof of it...again...talk about weird.

5. Whistler // British Columbia

In the winter, Whistler is the perfect skiing and snowboarding getaway. In the summer, it's the place to be for incredible hikes, awesome ziplining, and dirt-biking (if you're into that). A unique modern village just a little under 2 hours away from Vancouver.

6. Nelson // British Columbia

Known as the "Queen City" of the Kootenays, Nelson is a BC gem nestled in the Selkirk Mountains. The town is overflowing with history and the beautiful heritage buildings are an example of that. And if you're an outdoorsy couple, Nelson is an adventurer's paradise with kayaking, hiking and cycling trails galore.

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Prairies 🌻

1. Lake Louise // Alberta

Lake Louise is a small hamlet located in Banff, known for its pristine blue lakes and awe inspiring lofty mountains. This tiny town with one of the most beautiful national parks in Canada is a must-visit. And of all things, they even have a mall.

2. Peace River // Alberta

This peaceful town (pun intended) is located about 5 hours north of Edmonton. Filled with nature's beauty and a gorgeous viewpoint at Sagitawa Lookout, which is an absolute must.

3. Banff // Alberta

Famous for its surreal national park with breathtaking natural beauty, its no wonder Banff is such a popular traveler's desination in Alberta. Only about 90 minutes away from Calgary and totally worth the drive.

4. Jasper // Alberta

If you love places like Banff and Lake Louise, you're going to adore Jasper. The view of the rockies is magnificent and the water is crystal clear. You can't visit Alberta and not go to Jasper.

5. Elbow // Saskatchewan

As one of Saskatchewan's mose beautiful lake towns, Elbow is the summer spot to visit when your dreaming of summers at the lake. Surrounded by Lake Diefenbaker, this town is surrounded by incredible views.

6. Maple Creek // Saskatchewan

Known as the town where the past is the present, Maple Creek is the spot for all the history buffs and all those who need a bit of brushing up in the history department. Take a stroll through the heritage district for that cute small town vibe.

7. Brandon // Manitoba

Though Brandon may not exactly be a "small town" (as it's actually the second largest city in Manitoba), it can definitely have that super cute vibe of one from time to time. If you're in Winnipeg, you might want to stop by Brandon too.

8. Steep Rock // Manitoba

Who would've thought this beach paradise could exist in the prairies? Steep Rock is a natural beach in Manitoba with incredible sunset views and super cool rock formations to watch them on.

9. Carberry // Manitoba

Located just a little over an hour drive east of Brandon, Carberry is an adorable, quiet small town perfect for a private getaway with you and your S/O. In the summer, there is the Carberry Fair where locals show off their agricultural skills and host activities like harness racing and plowing matches.

10. Grand Marais // Manitoba

Ahhh beach town! Located on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg, the Grand Beach at Grand Marais is a Manitoba favourite. With white sand beaches and sand dunes, who needs to go to Hawaii when you have Grand Marais?

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Eastern Canada 🏙

1. Paris // Ontario

No, not Paris in France, but Paris in Ontario. Despite the fact that it used to be an industrial town, it is now named "The Prettiest Town In Canada". From its adorable cobblestone roads to the beautiful waterfront view, it's not surpised it was named the prettiest town.

2. Creemore // Ontario

Time to call Mr. Darcy for an afternoon tea date because the adorable Victorian style buildings in Creemore will have you swooning. From unique boutiques to cafes you could sit in all day, Creemore is the perfect cute vacay for you and your BFFs.

3. Port Stanley // Ontario

Ontario never seizes to amaze. Bet you didn't think Ontario would have a "beach" town like this! Port Stanley is just about a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto, located just north of Lake Eerie. It might not exactly be a "beach" shoreline, but the vast lake definitely makes it feel like so.

4. Elora // Ontario

This charming village nestled along the Grand and Irvine River is one of the most adorable vacation spots in Ontario. Having maintained their century old buildings, that old world charms remains in this small town today. Take in the magical atmosphere and beautiful nature that surrounds it.

5. Perth // Ontario

Again, not Perth in Australia, but Perth in Ontario! Located along the Tay River, Perth is an adorable historic town with 19th century heritage buildings and a beautiful city walk that is reminiscent of that European vibe.

6. Saint-François-de-l'Ile d'Orleans // Quebec

Situated at the northern tip of Orleans Island is the gorgeous town of Saint-Fraçois. With a pristine river surrounded by a backdrop of rolling hills and marvelous mountains, you absolutely cannot miss The Observation Tower.

7. Havre-Aubert (Iles de la Madeleine) // Quebec

From historical buildings to incredible waterfront views, head north to Havre-Aubert in Quebec to experience the magic of this small French Canadian town. Discover the beautiful beaches and the amazing hikes in this town.

8. North Hatley // Quebec

This Quebec town will give you a New England type of vibe. This gem has incredible views of Lake Massawippi and rolling hills, as well as charming village homes.

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Atlantic ⚓️

1. Bonavista // Newfoundland

This adorable small town is a Maritimes must-visit. With incredible views, a super cute lighthouse, and the unique Dungeon Provincial Park, there is way more to do here than meets the eye.

2. Twillingate // Newfoundland

Twillingate - the land of iceburgs and whales! This town is not your typical summer vacation spot. With iceburg tours, tons of magnificent hiking trails, and a local winery, you'll leave in awe and wanting to go back.

3. Port de Grave // Newfoundland

A peninsula located on Conception Bay, Port de Grave is a breathtaking little town where you can experience a fishing village in all it's rawness (pun totally intended) and explore other surrounding communites as well.

4. Trinity // Newfoundland

Located on the east coast of Newfoundland, the beauitful, quite and coze community of Trinity brings in tourists from around the world. Home to warm and welcoming coffee shops to bright and colorful architecture, Trinity is a true gem in Newfoundland.

5. Bear River // Nova Scotia

Named one of the most charming villages in Atlantic Canada, Bear River is one of the Maritimes' best kept secrets. This community is an art driven centre and is home to many artisans and artists. This serene town is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and find peace and rest.

6. St. Peter's Bay // Prince Edward Island

You can't visit P.E.I. and not visit the Greenwich Dunes National Park in St. Peter's Bay. The community is small, but the views are mighty incredible. If you didn't have a reason to visit the East Coast before, now you do.

7. Wood Islands // Prince Edward Island

Located at the southeastern area of Queens County, this rural farming and fishing community is a true gem. Wood Islands' natural harbour and lighthouse are the spots that you must see if you visit.

8. St. Andrews // New Brunswick

The town of St. Andrews, also endearingly known as St. Andrews By-The-Sea, is probably one of the cutest towns you've ever seen in Canada. From beautiful architecture to incredible views of the Atlantic, the charm of St. Andrews will have you enchanted.

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Territories ❄️

1. Dawson City // Yukon

Once known as the Paris of the North, Dawson City will give you charming small town feels like no other. While you're there, you have to visit Dawson City's Downtown Hotel and try the Sour Toe Cocktail, apparently it's known as the most infamous drink of the North.

2. Fort Smith // Northwest Territories

The town of Fort Smith sits at the banks of Slave River, and the waterfront views are unparalleled. You can also witness the magical aurora borealis here during autumn and winter. Make Fort Smith a winter desination you won't forget.

3. Rankin Inlet // Nunavut

With all of its beautiful and colorful homes, it's no wonder Rankin Inlet is known for its artist community. Though a small town, Rankin actually has a lot of services that many northern cities don't have, for example, cell phone service and satellite. So you can take pictures for the gram, and post it too.