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33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Vancouver

This city has no shortage of talent!
33 Guys With Badass Jobs In Vancouver

From all corners of Vancouver are incredibly talented gentleman who continually inspire us. There are so many Vancouver men who are impressing us with their drive, determination, talent and artistry. From the photography world to the hair industry, entrepreneurship and more, we're thankful to call these men our fellow Vancouverites.

There are way too many talented Vancouver men to be able to fit them all into this article, so here's 33 of them listed in no particular order! Check out their socials and send some much deserved love to their accounts.

33. Todd Talbot // @toddtalbot

Entrepreneur, TV Host, Entertainer

@toddtalbotembedded via

Why he's badass: Todd Talbot is a man who does it all. He hosts Love It or List It Vancouver and Love It or List It, Too. He was also a professional actor, singer, and dancer. He also speaks at a home shows and corporate and charity events.

32. & 31. Cody Allmin and Clay Allmin // @twinsailsbeer

Owners of Twin Sails Brewing

@twinsailsbeerembedded via

Why he's badass: These twin brothers are a power duo. Cody Allmin and Clay Allmin are the owners of Twin Sails Brewing, which is located in Port Moody. Twin Sails is brewing up local craft beer for us to enjoy.

30. Bryan Michael // @thebryanmichael


@thebryanmichaelembedded via

Why he's badass: Bryan is a singer-songwriter and self taught musician who started playing in bands at the age of 16. "I toured extensively across western Canada playing drums in pop-punk quartet Sharks! On Fire! before refining my craft as a singer-songwriter," says Bryan. "I’ve performed my original songs in a plethora of different venues across BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan; touring with Vancouver's If We Are Machines and prairie-folker Old Towns." Stay tuned for the release of his self-produced debut record ‘Distractions’ and a three song EP entitled ‘Bryan Michael & The Half Broke Horses’ featuring instrumentation care of the up-and-coming BC band ‘Gleneagle’." You can also check out his music here on Soundcloud.

29. Reuben // @vancitywild

Founder and Owner of VancityWild, Photographer

@vancitywildembedded via

Why he's badass: Reuben, with his wife Brie, are the creative duo behind VancityWild, which will make you want to get outdoors and explore the PNW. Their community exists on multiple platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Their aim is to show the accessibility of nature from the city. Their love of sharing their outdoor adventures led to the creation of VancityWild.

28. Alex Sam // @toby_doeshair


@toby_doeshairembedded via

Why he's badass: Toby is a highly talented hairstylist that specializes in Blonde/Asian colour. He is Aveda trained and offers cuts and colour for men and women.

27. Micah Gilbert // @facesbymicah

Makeup Artist

@facesbymicahembedded via

Why he's badass: Micah first started as an actor and commercial model but was later drawn to the makeup aspect of the industry. He studied at Blanche MacDonald. Micah has worked with CTV News and for various beauty brands. Currently he is working as a freelance artist, specializing in makeup for his personal clients and working at weddings and editorial shoots.

26. Ricardo Seah // @ricardography


@ricardographyembedded via

Why he's badass: Riccardo is a talented photographer who also travels for his work. His passion started at a young age. "I’ve always loved capturing the world around me since a young age. I remember getting a Polaroid for my 6th birthday and I used to run around and take pics, but I only really got into photography seriously when I was fifteen," says Riccardo. "A friend let me use his DSLR, I took some shots and was hooked. I knew it was something I was meant to do". Currently, he professionally shoots events and portraits, sells his landscape work and also teach photography personally and through Vancouver Photowalks. "I believe that a good photographer seeks out rarely seen or unique images either by exploring new angles, places and subjects or by shooting something everyone has seen as before in a way that has yet to be seen," says Riccardo. "My goal is to keep photographing the world and to inspire others to pick up the camera."

25. Jorald Joaquin // @joraldj


@joraldjembedded via

Why he's badass: As a DJ, Jorald gets to play at a variety of events, from campus events to nightclubs. He first started DJ’ing as a hobby to get back into music after taking a short hiatus when I started college. "The feeling of seeing a crowd groove and dance to your music was intoxicating; I wanted to do more. I took my hobby everywhere I went, eventually to the city of Vancouver where I was able to get involved with the UBC EDM Club, hold down a residency, and ultimately got more gigs through mix competitions and word of mouth", says Jorald. And for what's in the store for the future? "My future goals are to one day produce my own track, eventually an EP, but in the meantime, I’ll keep the dance floor poppin’," says Jorald.

24. Rex Logan // @rexlogan_photography


Via Rex Logan

Why he's badass: Rex is a freelance photographer who fully committed to photography two and half years ago. He is currently doing his own work while also assisting photographer and mentor, Noah Asanias."When I was just a little kid I loved taking pictures and if anyone had a camera it would be in my hands," says Rex. "During my first year in high school I was telling a teacher that wanted to become a photographer and he said 'there is no money in photography', so being young and stupid I decided to go through high school doing everything but photography." But after he graduated high school, he was unsure what to pursue as a career. His parents provided guidance and suggested photography, so Rex went on to study it in school, graduating with a degree in professional photography. "I don't want to be a famous photographer but I want to be a role model to other young photographers when I'm older," says Rex.

23. Jack Liu // @jackliu213

Personal Trainer

@jackliu213embedded via

Why he's badass: Jack is a personal trainer at Steve Nash Sports Club who is making an inspirational impact on his clients. He grew up fascinated by the human body, led to him studying Kinesiology at UBC and minoring in Nutritional Science. "As I was graduating from university, I thought about the different career paths I could take where I can inspire others and share my passion for health and wellness - becoming a personal trainer was the apparent answer and the experience so far has exceeded all my prior expectations," says Jack. "Being able to help others transform themselves physically is always the primary focus, but more often than not the true reward is seeing the changes in their mentality towards life and fitness."

22. Dorrington Reid // @dorringtonr

Brand Manager Topshop and Topman

@dorringtonrembedded via

Why he's badass: For men's fashion inspo, check out Dorrington's account. His style is on point and it only makes sense that he is the Brand Manager for Topshop and Topman in Vancouver.

21. Alexander Campeotto // @alexcampeotto


@alexcampeottoembedded via

Why he's badass: This seriously talented hairstylist knows how to make hair goals and beautiful colours a possibility. Alex Campeotto works at Boccoli Hair Salon.

20. Raif Adelberg // @raifadelberg

Founder and Creative Director of Herman Market, Artist, Designer

@raifadelbergembedded via

Why he's badass: Raif Adelberg is a talented designer with many accomplishments to his name. He is the founder and creative director of Herman Market, a Men and Women’s luxury brand. He also has design experience with wing + horns, Herschel, and Stuss.

19. Chad Taylor // @moodshairsalon 

Co-owner and Hairstylist at Moods Hair Salon

@moodshairsalonembedded via

Why he's badass: Chad is an award-winning hairdresser and the co-owner of Moods Salon in Yaletown. His work has appeared in salon and fashion publications and he has been featured in several local publications. Chad is also a stage artist for Joico's National Artistic Team and has worked backstage at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

18. Sol Lewites // @casacongoastillero

Co-founder of Casa Congo

Via Sol Lewites

Why he's badass: Sol Lewites is a highly talented engineer, UBC student and entrepreneur who started his own social enterprise in 2015, Casa Congo, in his home country of Nicaragua. "I've always been very rooted to my country and people," says Sol. Casa Congo is a school of conservation focusing on ecology, ocean advocacy, placemaking and built environments. You can support Casa Congo here. "Our goal as Casa Congo is to empower people with the skills necessary for them to embark on sustainable development," says Sol. The social enterprise hosts several initiatives to empower communities, such as free surf lessons and bamboo workshops. You can help support the cause here.

17. Paul Harman // @taikaneverything

Founder of Taikan, Photographer

@taikaneverythingembedded via

Why he's badass: Paul Herman is a talented creative. He is one of the founders of Taikan and currently manages their sales and direction and is also a self-taught photographer. Taikan is a Vancouver-based brand featuring luggage, backpacks, and accessories that are functional and with a clean aesthetic.

16. Christian Leblanc // @lostleblanc

Youtuber Vlogger

@lostleblancembedded via

Why he's badass: This talented YouTuber escaped his nine to five office job and hasn't stopped producing seriously quality content ever since. Christian Leblanc's captivating films and photography takes you around the world.

15. Jacques Martiquet // @jacquesmartiquet

Founder of Party4Health, Public Health Innovator, Hype-Educator, Party Host

@jacquesmartiquetembedded via

Why he's badass: Jacques has been successfully bringing a new meaning to and intent behind partying in the Vancouver scene. In 2017, he launched Party4Health, an innovative event and education company with the goal of showcasing what the health benefits behind partying are and how to make the most of them. Jacques and his team promote a substance-free party lifestyle through unique events, such as the Hike Rave. "Three things about me came together to create Party4Health: 1. I have been planning unsanctioned parties since my first year of university. I was had a police constable out of the blue call me to shut down my bike rave! 2. As an event medic, I witness the carnage of conventional party culture on the regular. When drugs, alcohol, and status are the foundation of a party, it is problematic. 3. My purpose is to bridge public health and partying," says Jacques. "My research focus is on substance use prevention in youth. The vision for Party4Health is to create a national party entertainment company for high school students (and administrators)."

14. Craig Atkinson // @reigningchamp

Founder of Reigning Champ, Wings + Horns and CYC Design Corporation

@reigningchampembedded via

Why he's badass: Craig Atkinson is the creative style mastermind behind the Vancouver-based streetwear brands Reigning Champ and Wings + Horns. Reigning Champ focuses on simple, premium athletic wear and Wings + Horns is a contemporary menswear brand with a Japanese influence.

11. James Lepp // @sixhundredfour

Founder of Six Hundred Four, Professional golfer, Entrepreneur

@jamesleppembedded via

Why he's badass: James Lepp is the creative mastermind behind Six Hundred Four, a premium sneaker brand. Six Hundred Four features shoes with creative artistic pieces from artists that are digitally printed onto the shoes, rendering an original designs with only 151 pairs available in each style. The brand also donates 6.04% of each sale to a charity of the artist’s choice. Their flagship store is located beside the steam clock in Gastown. Aside from being a talented entrepreneur, James Lepp is also a pro golfer.

10. Chris Weber // @chrisweberhair

Hair Artist, Co-Founder of Vanilla Loft @chrisweberhairembedded via

Why he's badass: Chris Weber came to Canada from Frankfurt, Germany in 2012 and has continually been making his mark on the hair industry ever since. A highly sought after hair stylist, Chris specializes in beautiful blends of soft, natural blondes and pastels and continues to evolve his artistry through creative and cutting edge hairstyles. Just last year, Chris and his husband Patrick opened up their own hair salon in North Vancouver, Vanilla Loft, that is delivering artistry competence.

9. Julian DeSchutter // @deshoots

Co-founder of Chasing Sunrise

@deshootsembedded via

Why he's badass: Julian DeSchutter is the co-founder of Chasing Sunrise, a community that seeks to pursue sunrises and do more than be confined by a nine to five job. Chasing Sunrise hosts several events in Vancouver. Julian's Instagram is also seriously on point.

8. Mike // @shariandmike

Wedding Photographer and Co-owner of Shari + Mike

@shariandmikeembedded via

Why he's badass: Mike and his wife Shari are couple goals and the award-winning wedding photographers behind their company, Shari + Mike Photography. They produce picture perfect wedding photos that look like they came straight out of Pinterest and Tumblr.

7. Maclean Carlson // @hellotmrw

Wedding Videographer

@hellotmrwembedded via

Why he's badass: Maclean Carlson and his wife Erin Carlson, are the creative masterminds of Hello Tomorrow Films, a top Vancouver wedding video companies in Vancouver. These award-winning wedding filmmakers will captivate you with their beautiful films and powerful storytelling.

4., 5., & 6. Alexey L, Parker Heuser, Ryker Gamble // @highonlife

Founders and Owners of High on Life

@highonlifeembedded via

Why he's badass: Alexey L, Parker Heuser, and Ryker Gamble are three of the founders of the lifestyle brand High on Life, which produces incredible, energetic and fun media content that will spark wanderlust and inspire the adventurer inside of you.

3. Braedin Toth // @braedin

Photographer and Videographer, Creative Director of Toth Media

@braedinembedded via

Why he's badass: Braedin Toth's Instagram account is the quintessential PNW feed. His magical and encapsulating photos showcase B.C. and the Pacific Northwest in their best light. Braedin is a talented photographer and videographer and Creative Director of Toth Media. He specializes in social media and brand management.

2. Calvyn Cass // @calvyncasshair

Hair Stylist, Co-owner and Master Stylist of Brush Salon, Founder of Shoren Hair @calvyngcassembedded via

Why he's badass: Calvyn Cass is a Master Colourist and Stylist with an insane skill set. This hair mastermind (with his partner Michael Gibson) is behind top Vancouver salon, BRUSH Salon, and the impressive new hair line brand, shoren, which helps you get beautiful, strong and healthy hair. He and his partner Michael Gibson have a seriously strong portfolio, having worked with some of the most well-known Vancouver celebrities and influencers. Calvyn began his training at the Aveda Institute in Victoria and has since gone on to advanced training internationally.

1. Michael Gibson // @michaelgibsonhair

Hair Stylist, Co-owner and Master Stylist of BRUSH Salon, Founder of Shoren Hair

@michaelgibsonhairembedded via

Why he's badass: Michael Gibson is a hair genius and man of many talents, to say the least. Not only is he the owner and founder (alongside his partner Calvyn Cass) of one of the top salons in Vancouver, BRUSH Salon in Gastown, he also founded shoren, a new line of hair products that helps get you happy, healthy hair. Michael will always deliver that perfect blend of colour and natural looking beauty to every set of hair he works with. Michael has over 10 years of experience in the industry and trained at Suki's Academy in Vancouver. Him and his partner Calvyn Cass are serious couple goals and are top Vancouver hairstylists in the industry.

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