Happy Nowruz! 

As many of us were celebrating the first day of Spring yesterday what you may not know is that Persians across the globe were awake at the exact moment celebrating the Earth's pivot from winter to spring. Lucky for us on PST it was 3:30 AM....

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There is a sense of pride you get from being Persian. They're a people of immense warmth, hospitality, joy, and make incredible food. Sure I may be biased, but Persians of the world, tell me how many of these you can relate to!

1. You know how coveted the tadigh plate is.

via @persianinstagram

2. You don't drink your tea with anything in it.

Milk? Sugar? Wtf?

3. Your version of dessert is a fruit plate.

4. You can't stomach rice unless it's basmati.

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5. You have no idea what the right amount of cologne is.


6. You have your parents vet your outfit before any mehmooni.

7. All black everything has always been your thing.

8. You've only ever considered becoming a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or dentist.

Your parent's approval is everything.

9. You decorate your apartment with Persian rugs

Because when you moved out you were gifted with 3.

10. No matter how long you've lived outside of Iran you always want to add an E to S words.


11. And a V to W words.


12. Joon and Jan not June and John.

13. You've grown tired of explaining taarof.

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14. This is all too real to you.

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15. You own a small fluffy dog.

Probably named Gucci.

16. Raw onion is a perfectly acceptable garnish.


17. And a bowl of fresh herbs is expected at the dinner table.

18. You count on your Mom to know everything about everyone.


19. Gold > Silver.

Necklaces, rings, coins, etc.

20. Waxing and threading over shaving.

Bokosh va khoshgelam kon.

21. You know that if the party invite says 7 you shouldn't turn up before 8.

It would be rude otherwise.


22. You're not shy because you've been forced to dance at every mehmooni.

23. You have so many home remedies for when you're sick that you learned from your Mom.

"Boil this turnip, breathe in the vapor, eat the turnip: cured."

24. You swear to your "khareji" friends that they haven't lived until they have tried Akbar Mashti.

25. You know how to communicate through blinking, bowing, head nodding, and other non-verbal communication.

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26. You know to allot 30-40 minutes for the goodbyes at any party.

27. You're kind of embarrassed to introduce Haji Firooz to your white friends.

28. Your foolproof plan for burglars is to leave lights on in the house before you leave.

29. When you have friends over you're constantly boiling water to keep the kettle of tea going.

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30. You've never successfully been able to say no to your Mom.

I'm lactose intolerant but I'll drink the doogh because Mom made it.

31. Dating doesn't exist to your parents.

You're single and then you have a husband. There is no in between.

32. It's not weird to you that the dinner party serves 3 kinds of rice.

via The Persian Pot

33. You can never translate slang to your American friends.

"So, it translates to 'my liver' but it actually means I love you."

34. You haven't bought a car yet because you don't have enough money for a Mercedes.

Unless you got into medical school. Then your parents just give you one.

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bonus. No matter what your schedule is you always block off 2 weeks in March for your family.

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