39 Signs You Grew Up Filipino In Vancouver

You were shocked your non-Filipino friends didn't have giant rice cookers.

Ahh yes, growing up Filipino in Vancouver. You probably had a phase where you wore your Filipino Adidas jacket on the daily. Hell, there's a pretty high chance that you still wear it to this day. But that's alright, because it's the pride of where we're from, am I right? 

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We've got a lot in common with each other - and I genuinely mean a lot. Between the TFC, Filipino barbeques and probably having the same rice cooker, there's a lot to laugh and reminisce about. How many of these signs can you relate to? 

1. As a child, there's a high chance your parents sent you to a Catholic school. 

2. There's an 80% chance that school was either St. Edmund's or St. Joseph the Worker

Two schools which have a reputation for being predominantly Filipino.

3. You were one of the first in your elementary school to bring rice for lunch. 

Duh, breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

4. Soon after, you had to explain to your friends what adobo was. 

"It's really good you guys, I swear".

5. No matter how weird the main dish might have been, your friends always wanted to try the lumpia though. 

Thanks mom, it really came in clutch.

6. You remember being dragged all the way to Joyce to go shopping at a Filipino Grocery. 

But you always got Sarsi at the end of it, so it was okay.

7. If it wasn't the Filipino Grocery, it was the TNT at Metrotown.  

And you always begged to go to the arcade.

8. Your friends had never heard of banana ketchup before they met you. 

9. You were stunned when you tried non-Filipino spaghetti for the first time. 

Why isn't it sweet??

10. You got yelled at for getting anything less than an A in school. 

Something about being A-sian and not B-sian.

11. Weekend trips to Seattle are only to visit Seafood City and Jollibee.

Literally hours and hours spent in that one store.

12. Your mom bought your shoes several sizes too big so you could "grow into them". 

And surprise, half of them are still too big for you.

13. You've been on the school basketball team at least once. 

14. The Filipino Fiesta held on Waterfront was once your favourite party of the year. 

When else were you going to wear your Filipino jacket?

15. Any family gathering included a minimum of twelve people. 

Big family, big parties.

16. If the family gathering didn't take place at home, it meant a huge BBQ at Stanley Park (or any of Vancouver's major parks). 

Literally. Any and every park you can think of.

17. Everything at those BBQ's would be served in a giant tinfoil container. 

How else do you carry so much food?

18. Your family owns a giant rice cooker. 

You were in shock when you're non-Filipino friends didn't have one.

19. Your family (and every other Filipino family you knew) owns a karaoke machine. 

Well duh, cause we know how to party!

20. Your first part-time job was either at Tim Horton's or McDonald's. 

Mine was Tim Horton's. Good times.

21. You've rocked a Filipino Adidas jacket to Metrotown more than once. 

It was all about the pride and looking cool.

22. Your family only uses the dishwasher as a drying rack. 

What do you mean that thing actually cleans dishes for you??

23. Everybody called you crazy when you told them your family marinates chicken in soy sauce and 7-Up. 

Apparently it's just a Filipino thing...

24. You had to change into home clothes after school, and sleeping clothes before bed. 

Literally three times the laundry for the sake of being clean.

25. Your family would be fashionably late for any outings and family gatherings. 

They say Filipino time is always 15 minutes behind at the minimum.

26. You had to beg your parents to get your to your best friend's birthday on time. 

"Please mom, we're going to be late!!"

27. It was the biggest treat being taken to the Goldilocks on Broadway. 

Where else could you buy Halo-Halo?

28. Your non-Filipino friends choked the first time they tried Polvoron. 

It's their fault, they just didn't know how to eat it.

29. Your life became a lie when nobody else in your class had ever eaten "chocolate meat". 

And then the plot twist when you found out it wasn't really chocolate.

30. Boxing Day and Black Friday are rituals in the family. 

You only buy clothes twice a year. These are the two times.

31. Roughly 50% of your wardrobe is from H&M. 

32. The Richmond Nightmarket is you (and your family's) favourite summer outing. 

You go twice a week. Once with the friends, then with the family.

33. Your mom watches only TFC and Kdrama. 

Yet she still asks you for help with Netflix.

34. You (and every other Filipino) rejoiced when Max's Chicken came to Vancouver.

Cue the never-ending lines.

35. Mass on Sunday is a given routine. 

And you can't argue cause it WILL NOT end well with the parents.

36. Bench coming to Vancouver really wasn't a big deal since that sh*t's been in the Philippines for the longest time. 

37. You still wear tsinelas (flip flops) around the house. 

Even if you've moved out of home. It just feels right.

38. Grade 11 and 12 meant going to several debuts. 

Ain't no such thing as too much party.

39. You know at least one 'Tito Jojo'.