42 Little Luxuries You Should 100% Treat Yourself To In Vancouver

Life is about the little things.
42 Little Luxuries You Should 100% Treat Yourself To In Vancouver

Life is all about the little luxuries. Between your full-time job and your full-time side hustle, sometimes you just have to let yourself indulge a little bit. Whether it's getting a latte with two sugars instead of black coffee (a.k.a. hot bean water), or treating yourself to a bit of a fancier dinner (but trust us, nothing on this list will leave your wallet in starvation), it's okay to give into yourself sometimes.

The world is a loud and busy place, but Vancouver has got a few places that you can turn into a sanctuary for your indulgences. Here are 42 little luxuries to treat yourself to in the city.

1. Grab Lucky's Doughnuts from the new 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters // 689 Thurlow St

2. Go on a little art adventure at the Rennie Collection // 51 E Pender St

3. Get your nails did with these fierce nail artists in Vancouver

4. A fancy scoop of ice cream at La Glace // 2785 W 16th Ave

5. Have a relaxing spa day at the Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara // 1155 Resort Dr

6. Sundays were made for brunching at these $10 brunch spots

7. Go for a crisp morning walk through the fall foliage

8. Have an afternoon of classy high tea at one of these fancy teahouses

9. Make like a model and have a photoshoot at these Insta-worthy locations

10. The Mocha with Toasted Marshmallow Shortbread at Nemesis Coffee // 302 W Hastings

11. Treat yourself to these boujee VIP services in the city

12. Relax all day for only $15 at JJ's Korean Family Spa and Sauna // 3000 Christmas Way

13. Go for a scenic sunset drive along the Sea-to-Sky Highway

14. Get drunk on boozy fishbowls at these spots in Vancouver

15. Or get really drunk with $2 drinks at these bars

16. Snack on some sushi tacos at Kurumucho // 3G4-985 Hornby St

17. Stuff your face with toast that's stuffed with ice cream at Dazzling Cafe // 7971 Alderbridge Way

18. Reminisce on summer with the Watermelon Punch Bowls at Rajio // 3763 W 10th Ave

19. Drink up a super-sized margarita at La Casita // 101 W Cordova St

20. Get luscious lashes with these lash pros in Vancouver

21. Lounge around a creative space with a cup of coffee at Hive City // 613 Front St

22. Watch the breathtaking Vancouver sunset at these picture perfect locations

23. Love yourself and indulge in a dipped waffle ice cream cone at Cacao 70 Dippery // 433 Abbott St

24. Go on a romantic date night with your S/O

25. Slurp up a big heart-warming bowl of ramen at these bucket list places

26. Go on a leisurely aquabus ride at Granville Island // #230-1333 Johnston St

27. Go for a wine tasting at Vancouver Urban Winery // 55 Dunlevy Ave

28. Or even a beer tasting at 33 Acres // 15 West 8th Ave

29. Discover this "hidden" street of breweries you've probably never heard of

30. Fulfill all your taco cravings at the new Tacofino Oasis // 1050 W Pender St

31. Be extra and get poutine for breakfast at Linh Cafe // 2836 W 4th Ave

32. Grab a slice of heaven (a.k.a. Avocado Toast) from Nelson the Seagull // 315 Carrall St

33. Forget that summer bod and indulge in the Baked Lobster Rigatoni at Campagnolo // 1020 Main St

34. Drink an entire 1L of bubble tea at Ninja Bubble Tea // 2972 Glen Dr 

35. Embrace your inner PNW self and hike Tunnel Bluffs

36. Watch a live show by donation at Guilt & Co. // 1 Alexander St

37. Enjoy eternally tropical vibes at La Forêt // 6848 Jubilee Ave

38. Get your hands dirty in a seafood boil at The Holy Crab // 1588 Robson St

39. Take a bite into these Melon Pans at Baker and Table Cafe // 6414 Fraser St

40. Let loose and grab drinks at The Diamond // 6 Powell St

41. Buy yourself something nice at these shopping outlets because you deserve it

42. Kick back with a cocktail at Prohibition // 801 W Georgia St

43. Or just don't do anything for a day and give into your bed