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An Earthquake In The U.S. Was So Big This Morning That Parts Of Canada Even Felt It

This Canadian province keeps getting hit with sizeable earthquakes!

If you felt the grounds shaking this morning, you are not alone. A Washington earthquake was felt in Vancouver, BC, because it was so big! I guess it’s time to brush up on our earthquake preparedness. 

At around 2:51 am on July 12, 2019, a large earthquake hit the Three Lake areas of Washington State. This earthquake was measured to have a magnitude of 4.6. 

This earthquake was so large, it was estimated to have a depth of 24.3 kilometers. Due to the large shake, it was also felt in Seattle, which is around 65 km from the actual tremor. 

But it wasn’t just other parts of the U.S. that felt the intense shake. Even parts of BC reportedly felt the earthquake while sleeping.  

Residents in Victoria and Vancouver report having felt the early morning tremor. Many have taken to Twitter to confirm that they weren’t just dreaming. 

While lots of Twitter users are saying that the tremor woke them up, a few are saying they slept right through it! One user even said that they were glad they slept through it otherwise they would have been terrified.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 4.6 magnitude earthquake was followed only minutes later by a 3.5 magnitude aftershock near the city of Monroe – northwest of Seattle. 

CBS News has reported that after the initial earthquake, a series of eight aftershocks were felt. While it was a scary encounter, there have been no immediate reports of damage or injuries. 

For the residents of BC, earthquakes have been the new normal lately. About one week ago, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit the coast of BC near Bella Bella. This quake was followed just one day after a powerful 6.2 magnitude quake hit the coast of Vancouver Island.