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5 Cheap Private Islands You Can Rent With Your Friends In BC

Paradise is just a boat ride away.
5 Cheap Private Islands You Can Rent With Your Friends In BC

Who wouldn't want to live on their own private island for a week with their friends? Well, in British Columbia, this fantasy can become a reality. There are a few absolutely stunning islands with remarkable accommodations and it gets even better – if you max out the number potential occupants and pool the costs, it ends up being quite affordable.

That's right folks, you and your friends can experience the true meaning of island life without spending your life savings on a summer vacation. Some of these places are great for a bigger party and others would be lovely double couple retreats. And for those of you who don't feel like roughing it entirely on your own on a secluded island, the last option is one of the better deals I've ever come across. So save up your vacation time people, and start planning your BC island getaway!

Note: All prices listed are determined by the full price divided by how many people it can accommodate. See links for booking information and full prices.

1. Breakwater Island

Georgia Strait

Price: $60/person/night

Accommodates: 10 people

Features: 2 houses on the island, Log House sleeps 6, Rock House sleeps 4, rustic style, fishing, BBQ

2. Lamb Island

Sunshine Coast

Price: $68.75/person/night

Accommodates: 4 people

Features: Master bedroom, sleeping loft with two twin beds, hot tub, BBQ, cable TV

3. Frank Island

Tofino area Tombolo Studio (Tombolo Sweet also available for rent)

Price: $75/person/night (July & August)

Accommodates: 4 people

Features: Master bedroom, outdoor hot shower, BBQ, wood stove, propane stove, private beach

Photo cred - Airbnb

4. Nelson Island

Sunshine Coast

Price: $69/person/night

Accommodates: 6 people

Features: 3 bedrooms, private beach, kayaks, fire pits, sun deck, speaker, WiFi

5. Pender Island

Not your very own private island, BUT too good a deal to pass up!

Price: $32.14/person/night (month minimum stay)

Accommodates: 8 people

Features: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, modern style, cliffside deck, sliding glass balcony, whale watching views, full kitchen, outdoor grill

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