5 Perfect Drinking Games For Canada Day Long Weekend

Drinkin' outside with Canadian pride.
5 Perfect Drinking Games For Canada Day Long Weekend

The weather looks good for the long weekend and you know what that means... Enjoy the beautiful outdoors while getting a little tipsy! Instead of just sitting around drinking casually, it might be fun to make a game out of it. So if you were planning on drinking this weekend, this is the list for you:

1. Stump

Also know as “Hammerschlagen,” originally from Germany, this is a summer favourite. You'll need to find a tree stump, preferably at least knee high. Every person playing will need a nail. Hammer in your nail just slightly in front of your position on the stump. Each person holds a beer in one hand and passes the hammer with the other. When it's your turn, you have to flip the hammer once in the air, catch it, and then try to hit your nail. First person to hit their nail all the way in wins. Drink if you miss your nail. Drink if you bend your nail. If someone hits your nail into the stump once it is bent, you are eliminated. Otherwise, you can use your next turn to straighten the nail. If you hit your nail, everyone else drinks. If you finish off your nail, everyone else chugs their drink.

2. Frisbeer

Find four poles or sticks (something that can balance a beer can on top). Place two poles on one side, and across from them, a good distance away, the other two. Place a beer can on top of each pole. One person stands behind each pole (usually play as teams). Take turns throwing a frisbee at the beer cans. If you knock over your opponents beer can, they have to open and chug it. The game goes on like this until everyone is nice and wasted.

3. Big Beer Pong

Play beer pong but outside and with trash cans and a soccer ball. It might be hard to find that many bins, so get creative, like maybe if you're on the beach – draw circles in the sand.. You could also play on a tennis court only using your feet, aiming for beer cans in the corners. There are all sorts of way to set up outdoor beer pong!

4. Dizzy Bat Race

Perfect if you are at the beach so that you don't hurt yourself. Basically, just drink a lot of beer and then spin around with a plastic bat (or stick) next to your opponent. When you stop spinning. You have to race to the finish line. Good luck, you'll probably take a tumble or two. Make the finish line the ocean for even more excitement.

5. Beer Olympics

Put together a big squad and pick a good partner. Set up a schedule of events. Include the classics, like flip cup and quarters, and add any others for a whole day of different drinking games as you and your teammate compete for the gold. This tends to get pretty crazy and competitive so be prepared. You and your partner should wear matching costumes to add to the camaraderie and spirit of the olympics! If you are planning on seeing a lot of people this Canada Day, this is the best way to ensure that everyone has an amazing day of drinking.

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