Why does your cell phone have to be one of the more expensive bills you pay every month? We have no idea. Like, not a single one. As it turns out, there are many tricks for avoiding extra fees and we’ve put together this list so you can save on your next bill!

1. Ditch your contract.

You can save hundreds on a new phone if you sign up for a contract, but are you really saving? You’re probably better off opting for a no-contract deal in the long run and pay in full for the phone. Some providers even do short-term plans (like Public Mobile) who has a 90-day province-wide talk, unlimited text and 12GB of data promotion for only $120, which comes up to only 40$ per month!

2. Build your own plan. 

It's like LEGO for adults. Have friends from coast to coast? Get nationwide calling. Are you swiping at the speed of right? You need an affordable data plan. Whether you’re a talker, texter or ignorer there’s a plan for you.

3. Kill apps that aren't in use. 

Closing out apps that you're not using can help you save on data charges. Especially if some of your apps are running GPS or location data in the background.

4. Always use WiFi. 

You probably spend most of your day at home, school or work, and each one of these places should have WiFi, so you can't go over on data. Also, most places in Metro Vancouver have WiFi, and if you're not sure that they do, don't be afraid to ask for the password! Moreover....

5. Stream on WiFi. 

You can stream Netflix to your iPhone, cool. But it's a huge data suck. Stream over WiFi instead of 3G and you will see the difference immediately.

Your cell phone is a necessity, which is why you never think twice about dishing out big bucks to cover the bill. But with the right provider and a few small tweaks, you won't have to break the bank!

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