Vancouver is home to some of the best coffee roasters and baristas, so it's not going to be hard to find a coffee shop that creates beautiful latte art.

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You've definitely seen the "leaf", the "tulip", and the "heart" poured out by many baristas. You even look forward to the gorgeous cup to be handed to you so you can take a super cute flat lay coffee shot. And though beautiful, it's almost become a little redundant in the Vancouver coffee scene.

Que in a new breed of baristas and coffee artists who are breaking the traditional looks of coffee art and creating some very unique, creative, and very cute cups-a-joe.

From fluffy bears to Totoro, here are 6 places in Vancouver where you can find the cutest coffee art!

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1. Standing Egg // 109-4501 North Rd

As I explained previously, The Standing Egg can be a little bit hard to find. But once you've found it, you're going to want to keep going back. The space has a cool rustic, but modern feel, and the coffee art is freaking adorable. They'll make foam polar bears and cute kittens in your espresso, all you have to do is ask.

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2. Choco Coo Cafe // C-501 North Rd

Known for their all-matcha-everything menu, Choco Coo is pouring out some of the cutest little animals in your matcha lattes. Ask for a Totoro or their matcha bear, and get those camera phones ready.

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3. Timbertrain Coffee Roasters // 311 W Cordova St

Smack dab in the middle of Gastown, you know the coffee's going to be good. The interior is designed to make you feel like your inside a train! You've probably been here a few times but never knew you could ask for speciality coffee art. Next time you head on in, ask for a little bear in your latte.

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via @thebuzzcafe

4. The BUZZ Cafe // 901 Homer St

Hidden in one of Vancouver's oldest art galleries is the most artistic little coffee shop you've ever seen. The BUZZ Cafe might not make the typical coffee art you were expecting, but you can't deny it's creativity. Jennifer, a resident barista, draws one of these artistic coffee cup creations a day and though you might not be able receive one from her, you can definitely keep up with their hilarious coffee cup art @thebuzzcafe.

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via @audreymomentafternoontea

5. Audrey Moment Afternoon Tea // 120B-6540 Burlington Ave

Okay, so Audrey Moment isn't really known for their coffee, as they are very obviously an afternoon tea room, but that doesn't stop them from creating adorable coffee art. You can ask for bunny, kitten and bear lattes, or even a colourful twist on your typical brown and white, boring latte.

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6. L'Opera Patisserie // 5951 Minoru Blvd

L'Opera Patisserie may also be an afternoon tea room, but don't doubt their coffee art game. You can also ask for adorable little kittens or bunnies in your latte to brighten up your day. You also have to try their matcha opera cake ?.

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