What's up SFU? Reading Week! That's what's up!

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You've been studying hard and you deserve a break. You probably already know this because you've been waiting impatiently for Reading Break since Winter Break, but SFU's Reading Week is from February 11 to 19.

Thank the lawd! Nine full days for you to not read and chill out at an awesome vacation! Flighthub has recently been showing so pretty cheap flights options for roundtrips from Vancouver, but you're definitely going to want to cop these tickets ASAP because they're going fast. Here are some destination ideas and flight dates to get that wanderlust blood pumping!

Note: Listed below are sample dates. Choose the "Flexible Date" tab located just above the list of flight options for the cheapest combination of dates.

1. Los Angeles starting from $256

For a short but sweet, sunny escape.

2. Orlando starting from $306

Disney World anybody?

3. New York starting from $443

Photo cred - Flighthub

For late night adventures in the concrete jungle.

4. San Jose starting from $425

"Palm trees and pools, the water's blue". Thanks for the vacay ideas Frank.

5. Honolulu starting from $444

Photo cred - Flighthub

Swim with turtles and drink endless amounts of POG.

6. Montreal starting from $537

European cobble stone roads in your own backyard.

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