Whether it's the calming minerals of the nourishing waters or the breathtaking views that usually accompany them, there's something about hot springs that is just so serene and relaxing.

You hustle hard enough every single day, and you deserve a break from your 9 to 5. While you may not have booked your summer vacation to Bora Bora yet, there are tons of stunning hot springs in our own backyard to embrace (I mean, we are in the beautiful BC).

Take a short day or even weekend trip to one of these tranquil hot springs for the perfect escape from reality.

Note: When visiting natural hot springs, please be mindful of the environment as they are protected areas. Always pick up after yourself and leave the hot springs exactly the way you found them.

Dewar Hot Springs

Where: Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park // Kimberley

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This mineral-rich hot spring located in Kimberley is one of BC's best-kept secrets. Nestled within Purcell Provincial Park, this hot spring offers relaxing, healing waters as well as breathtaking views of your PNW backyard.

Fairmont Hot Springs

Where: 5225 Fairmont Resort Rd // Fairmont Hot Springs

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The Fairmont Hot Springs Resort needs to be on your summer vacation list. Not only is it easily accessible as they have their own airport, the resort has the cosiest of accommodations and the clearest of hot springs water to soak in.

Hot Springs Island

Where: Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve // Haida Gwaii

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Back in 2012, Haida Gwaii was hit by a massive earthquake that completely destroyed and drained the Gwaii Haanas Hot Springs. In 2017, the hot springs were completely rebuilt with three new pools that you can take a dip in a take in the beauty of Haida Gwaii.

Halcyon Hot Springs

Where: 5655 BC Highway 23 // Nakusp

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Halcyon Hot Springs is hands down one of the most stunning hot springs resorts in British Columbia. Not only does the open-air hot spring have incredible views overlooking Upper Arrow Lake, the hot spring pools are divine. There are even chalet homes and spa services available for your R&R pleasure.

Liard River Hot Springs

Where: Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park // Muncho Lake

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Located all the way up in Northern BC is the ever-serene Liard Hot Springs. While it has become more and more popular over the years, the hot springs remains a relaxing sanctuary for many. It is open all times of the year and there's even a lodge available just beside... in case you're not the camping type.

Tallheo Hot Springs

Where: Lat. 52° 12’ 19” North; Long. 126° 56’ 15” West

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Located just southwest of Bella Coola is this hot spring haven. With little to no crowds at the Tallheo Hot Springs, you can truly relax and escape from it all. But good luck finding it...