6 Ladies In Vancouver Who Will Give You The Perfect Eyebrows

On fleek. (Can we still say that?)

As a girl, I know one thing for sure about all girls' morning make up routines: we spend at least half of our I'm-still-only-half-awake-and-really-need-coffee type energy on drawing the perfect winged-eyeliner, and almost all of that energy on shaping the perfect eyebrows (unless you're Cara Delevingne...but you're not).

But here's the solution. If you haven't already heard of the most amazing thing to happen to you since eyelash extensions, you're about to.

Specializing in eyebrow styling as well as microblading, a permanent eyebrow make up technique that uses a needle blade to create beautiful and natural brows, these Vancouver ladies have figured out the eyebrow game and their about to help you do the same too.

As Anna Faris once said "the eyes are the nipples of the face", so you definitely want to invest in a good frame for those eyes. ;) Here are 9 eyebrow specialists in Vancouver who will give you the most perfect eyebrows you'll never have to stress about again...like ever:

Kathryn Teranashi // @dermaclinicbc

"Founded on the principles of beauty and elegance, Derma Clinic offers a wide range of semi permanent micro pigmentation procedures which can enhance one’s natural beauty for both men and women. We provide a wide range of services from eye brows, lips to color correction.  Our goal is to build our inner self perception as well as physical appearance." dermaclinic.ca

Shaugnessy Keely // @studiosashiko

"Our mission is to provide a high quality experience in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Our service list includes cosmetic tattooing, scalp micropigmentation, hairline reconstruction, and eyelash extensions. We strongly believe in embracing the Japanese art of tebori, which is the technique of tattooing by hand. We take pride in the meticulous and detailed process of tattooing realistic hair strokes one by one to create the illusion of fullness." studiosashiko.com

Maryam Collahi // @maryamcollahi

"Maryam does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and provides customized services to meet your unique image and style with a keen eye for precision, beauty, and elegance. Come and visit Maryam for a free consultation on your eyebrows, permanent make-up, hair styles and up-dos, professional make up tips, and much much more. Maryam Collahi is your one-stop beauty expert and is guaranteed to become your best kept beauty secret." maryamcollahi.com

Sarah Killen // Killen Ink Beauty

"It is my absolute passion to make women (and men) feel amazing with, not only with my artistic skills but also with lasting relationships and good old conversation... [Killen It Studio] isn’t your regular ol’ beauty parlor. This is my home away from home where I get to meet the most amazing people (that means you!). In 2015 decided to put my 2 passions together, tattoos and make-up!...I am so passionate about what I do and I can’t wait to give you your mornings back! I swear, waking up with make-up is truly life changing!!!" - killenink.com

Photo cred - Alisha Noon

Alisha Noon //  Alishanoon.com

"[Alisha's] know-how stems from an extensive background in beauty. First, a formal make-up education at Blanche MacDonald; then, a four-year career at City TV as Head of the Make-Up Department; now, 14-years as a successful freelance make-up artist. Alisha has been crowned The Eyebrow Queen of Vancouver." alishanoon.com

Brenda // @bforbrows

"Eyebrows are considered as the most important features of your face. Imagine being able to sleep in a little longer because you know you do not have to spend 20 minutes filling in your eyebrows in the morning. Microbladed tattoo eyebrows are low maintenance and you can simply come back for a brief touch-up once a year. They are natural-looking and the smudge-proof and water-proof solution to making your everyday life easier!" - bforbrows.com

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