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6 Local Artists That Are Making Big Waves In Vancouver Right Now

From rainbow barfing kittens to childhood ghosts.

I know nothing about art. I've maybe studied a course or two here and there on art history, but I definitely couldn't deem myself knowledgeable. But the thing that's so awesome about art is that you don't really have to "understand" it. Great art makes an impact on you regardless of how you see it or interpret it.

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These local artists break the boundary of elitism in the realm of fine arts and make their work relatable to anyone. You don't need to be an expert to be able to appreciate the artistic visions of these 6 amazing local artists.

Vancouver is a hotbed of countless exceptionally talented artists and I couldn't possibly name them all, but here are a few of the many that are really making some noise in the scene.

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Sean Karemaker // @seankaremaker

Somewhere perfectly articulated between Impressionism and cartoon artistry is the work of Sean Karemaker. Hailing from Vancouver Island, this artist has showcased many of his works at multiple local art spaces in Vancouver. Sean draws inspiration from his childhood memories by recreating old imaginary characters, as well as his adulthood memories by telling stories of real conversations with real people that really happened. Just last year he published his first comic novel, The Ghosts We Know, and was commissioned by local shoe company, Six Hundred Four, to design an exclusive line of exactly 604 pairs of shoes.

Ola Volo // @olavolo

If you've taken a walk around the streets of Vancouver, then you've most likely experienced the ability of Ola Volo's work to brighten up your day. Largely known for her outstanding mural work, Ola's art is whimsical, intricate and nostalgic of her childhood dreams. Combining her Eastern European background with her personal style, she brings together the stories of people, nature and architecture. She has been commissioned by many local companies such as, Hootsuite, Lululemon and the Vancouver Opera, and even outside of Vancouver in Toronto, Montreal and New York.

Tristesse Seeliger // @missytrissy

Math has never looked so beautiful! Tristesse Seeliger collages historical maps of Canada from the 60s and uses the careful mathematics of tiling and patterning to create beautiful technicolor pieces that make you rethink the way you look at maps. Rather than looking at a one logically, her playful re-peicing of different maps makes you think of them in a less analytical way, and more sensory. Her work has been featured in multiple magazine, local and international, and has also collaborated with local favourite, Lululemon.

Priscilla Yu // @priscillayuart

You'll notice right off the bat that Priscilla Yu's art is colourful and dynamic. Her work is a "combination of visually-learned geometry and perspective, intuitive colour decisions, and personal narratives" that transports you to another dimension, one that is stunningly kaleidoscopic and inspires wonder. Her work has been featured in multiple local galleries, like the Ayden Gallery, Serpens Gallery, Dynamo, and The Fall.

Andrea Hooge // @andreahooge

Inspired by vintage magazines and children's books, Andrea Hooge's art is reminiscent of your grandma's toy doll that you're too afraid to take out of your basement. Her art is a little cute, a little funny, and a little creepy, and most definitely doesn't need to be taken too seriously. From kittens crying fried eggs and barfing rainbows, to drooling babies, you can comfortably crack a giggle without feeling like you're being judged.

Nomi Chi // @nomi_chi

Part-illustrator and part-resident tattoo artist at Gastown Tattoo Parlour, Nomi Chi is the creator of eclectic art pieces, painted on canvas, wall, and skin. Her art is unconventional and unapologetic, dark and sensual. It plays with the contrast of bright colours and muted shades. If she's not booked back to back with tattoo appointments, she's standing on top of ladders making her mark on the city.

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