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7 BC Universities As Kardashians

Whether you love them or love to hate them, the Kardashian family is definitely doing something right in the industry. They seem to be on the cover of every magazine, the starlet video vixen of every rapper's music videos, and the #makeupgoals of every beauty Youtuber/Instagramer.

So what do the Kardashians have anything to do with accredited universities in British Columbia? Nothing really. But perhaps the only place we can draw a line of comparison as that they're both influential and have an important place in their field, whether it be media or academia.

So try to keep up! Here are 7 BC universities as Kardashians:

Note: My apologies that SFU and UBC had to share a Kardashian. But you guys are always competing anyways.

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1. Kim Kardashian // University of Victoria

It's said with no doubt that Kim likes to party. Of course, all celebrities love to party. But to an extent, Kim seems to put play over work. As you've probably heard with UVic, they are known as the party school of BC. With student who really know how to have a good time, you can see why we might stack UVic next to Kim. But not to be overshadowed by their night-time habits, Kim is still a prominent business figure and model in the fashion industry, as UVic students still study and have to take finals like the rest of us. Work hard, play harder.

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2. Khloe Kardashian // Capilano University

Khloe is no stranger to controversy. Notoriously known their family show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians as the "fat" sister, she was subject to haters body-shaming her and criticizing her looks. Much like Cap U, formerly known as just "Cap", Capilano University has had many stank-eye critics just say that it's "not even really a university". But look who's laughing now? Khloe is a booming entrepreneur and book author, and Capilano is a university.

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3. Kourtney Kardashian // UBC // SFU

Known as the sister with a bit more wit, she has a strong work ethic and is the most educated out of her sister, with a bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona. She's an independent woman with her head screwed on straight. Like Kourtney, UBC and SFU students are career focused and know what they want out of their education. They are hardworking individuals with a goal-oriented mindset.

via @kendalljenner

4. Kendall Jenner // Langara

The natural beauty, Kendall Jenner, has worked hard for her successful modelling career and continues to be top of her game in the fashion industry. Similarly, Langara students continue to pursue their artistic visions and actually have successful careers after their achieving their diplomas.

via @kyliejenner

5. Kylie Jenner // Kwantlen Polytech

Similar to Kendall, Kylie also has some artistic sense to her being. Looking past her nose job and lip fillers, she has managed to launch a successful make-up line that is the inspiration for every "Kylie Lip Challenge" video on Youtube. As for KPU students, they're also kinda artsy like Langara, as Kylie is kinda artsy like Kendall - just maybe not to the same caliber. But regardless, KPU students still make it.

via @krisjenner

6. Kris Jenner // BCIT

This "mommy-preneur" and "momager" is a business-minded party-goer. Kris is either promoting her daughters on social media and TV interviews, or she's turnin' up with rappers and basketball players. With a strong career focused education, BCIT is packed with students that are also business-minded and career-oriented. But we all know, BCIT students love a good EDM rave.

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7. Rob Kardashian // University of Fraser Valley

Rob Kardashia-who? Just kidding, but not really. Often the forgotten sibling of the Kardashian family, Rob is generally overshadowed my his sisters' publicity and success. But he low-key works hard, has made a killing with his new television show, and a stylish sock line, "Arthur George". Similarly to UFV, you know they exist, but the school is often forgotten amongst all the other universities in BC. But little do you know, they also be hustlin' on the low and are gonna make a comeback when everyone's done and graduated.

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