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7 BC University Stereotypes That May Or May Not Be True

We have all been plagued with a serious case of school pride at least once in our lives. The discussion about which school is better is common and never-ending. However regardless of whether you love or hate your school, you probably have something to say about it and the students that go there.

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Along the way you've probably also heard or perhaps created your own assumptions about other students at various schools in BC. Just accumulating information as you go, to create your ultimate guide as to why your school is the best (or worst).

This list is here to help you:

1. The Confused Clan of Communication Commuters (SFU)

I have a lot of friends that go to SFU and the only thing I really ever hear about the school is about how much they hate it. Granted that it is always harder to build culture at a commuter school, but the words I most often hear used to describe the campus are prison, boring, and stranded.

And apparently everyone that goes there is studying communications because they don't know what else to do. But knowing how to talk to another person is a very important skill. By the way did you guys know that their athletics team name is clan? Don't worry it's spelt with a c so we are all good.

2. Dougy Daycare (Douglas College)

Ah my beloved stomping ground, Dougy Daycare. A nickname inspired by the idea that if you go to Douglas, you are basically stupid as hell and need to literally be walked though your college experience. There are lots of struggles that come with being a Douglas Student but overall I really don't think it's that bad.

All the extra help and resources that are available for Douglas Students is actually really convenient. The small class sizes and personable teachers are amazing and inspiring. The affordable tuition makes it possible for students who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity, to go to school. It may be essentially impossible to get rejected from Douglas BUT AT LEAST THAT MEANS IT'S INCLUSIVE.

3. Prestigious Puppies (BCIT)

Seriously, do they inject prestigiousness into the food over there or something? I call them puppies because they are like a younger version of UBC. Students that go to BCIT never shut up about how amazing their school is and how it's basically the same as, or in a lot of cases better, than UBC. But we all know it's just not the same. (Even though they actually have a pretty good argument)

Whether is the money, the length of the programs, or the quality of the goddamn washrooms they always have something to say. Not only that but most of the students in the Business program at BCIT seem like they are turning in to people who will steal from the poor and give to the rich - I'm just saying.

4. The Grumpy Ghosts (Kwantlen)

Polytechnic? What? I don't understand. Kwantlen is a school that is often forgotten about or just straight up overlooked. No one really understands whats going on over there and no one really cares enough to look into it.

Located on a busy road right in the middle of Surrey, with no notable programs and a crumbled sports program. I think people often wonder why this school even exists. Does anyone even have any friends that go there? If you do know someone... I bet they are permanently grumpy.

5. The Irritated Irrationals (UBC)

The mothership of Universities and Colleges in BC. The school everyone wants to go to but nobody can get into or stay into. The engineering program at this school has like a 50% drop out rate or something crazy like that.

The students that go here seem to always be stressed or worried and never have time to do anything but study. Which irritates them and irritates their friends who go to other schools who never get to see them. Relax babe, I know that 83% you got on your Math quiz is making you think your life is over, but a degree from UBC will take you far.

6. The Artsy Fartsy Flooseys (Langara)

The painting, the writing, the acting, oh my! See what I did there? Because Langara students are so artsy they would definitely pick up and that line from the Wizards of Oz.

The hipster-ness level of Langara students is so ascetically pleasing. From their clothes to their perfectly edited and tailored Instagrams and blogs it's a shame they're going to be so lost after graduation. I think I belong at Langara because I used the word floosey and have not confirmed if it's a real word or not.

7. Future AA Members (UVic)

UVic is known as one of the best party schools in Canada. Rumour has it you only need to have half a brain to get into this school - and if that is not true you will definitely have half a brain by the time you leave thanks to all the alcohol you'll drink.

With a party going on seemingly going on every day and a 100 second snapchat story to accompany it, it's no wonder UVic students are seen a certain way. The once rejected students who didn't get into UBC are now dancing and drinking their troubles away without a single backwards look.

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