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7 Cafes In Vancouver You Can Get These Delightful Crêpe Cakes

You need to try this trend now!

Mille crêpe cake is a classic French cake that translates to 'thousand crêpe cake'. Although it doesn't literally have a thousand layers of crêpes, it is made up of around fifteen thin layers of crêpe sandwiched with pastry cream. The result is a creamy, light cake with amazing textures!

You may have seen mille crêpe cakes floating around on your Instagram feed, because not only are they delicious, but they are super Instagram-worthy. Luckily, you can get these cakes at several spots right here in Vancouver!

If you haven't already, you need to head to these spots to try mille crêpe cake immediately because it is absolutely delightful!

L'otus Cake Boutique

Where: 103 - 8580 Cambie Street, Richmond

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L'otus Cake Boutique was the first mille crêpe cake shop to open in Vancouver, and they still stand strong as one of the most popular place to get these cakes. They often sell out of their cakes before closing, but you can reserve them in advance so give them a call so you don't miss out!


SugarLoop by Westcoast Darts Cafe

Where: 3608 Kingsway, Richmond

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This Asian dessert spot doubles as a place you can hang out with friends and play darts - the ultimate chill out spot! They focus on Asian flavours such as matcha and have other Asian desserts such as sago.


Miss Lina

1200 - 8580 Alexandra Road, Richmond

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Miss Lina is the perfect spot to go with your BFF to enjoy some crêpe cakes and tea (they also serve high tea)! Their crêpe cakes are absolutely beautiful, and they have a wide range of flavours including chocolate, matcha, and chestnut!



Where: 5376 Grimmer Street, Burnaby

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Sugarlab offers a wide range of rotating flavours, including durian, matcha, coffee, oreo, and many more! The cafe also serves milk teas and other desserts - so you will be spoiled for choices!


L'Opera Patisserie

Where: 5951 Minoru Road, Richmond

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L'Opera Patisserie is filled with delectable cakes and pastries, and their mille crêpe cake is no exception. They also offer high tea and the interior is beautiful - the perfect spot for afternoon tea!


Avery Cakes & Tea House

Where: 112 - 4751 Garden City Road, Richmond

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The flavours of mille crêpe you can get at Avery Cakes are rather unique, such as lychee and purple yam. They also have an assortment of different cakes and high tea sets available - and the interior is adorable too!


Creme Cilla

Where: 10760 Shellbridge Way, Richmond

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Creme Cilla isn't actually a cafe, but a company you can order entire cakes from! They have an assortment of mille crêpe cake flavours, including strawberries and cream, chocolate, matcha, and coconut!