7 Cheap Reading Week Getaways Every UBC Student Should Book ASAP

What reading?

Guess what UBC, your Reading Break is approaching sooner than you can say mid-t...

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You've been studying hard and you deserve a break. You probably already know this because you've been waiting impatiently for Reading Break since Winter Break, but UBC's Reading Week is from February 18 to 26.

Thank the lawd! Nine full days for you to not read and chill out at an awesome vacation! Flighthub has recently been showing some awesome ticket deals for roundtrips from Vancouver, but you're definitely going to want to cop these tickets ASAP because they're going fast. Here are some destination ideas and flight dates to get that wanderlust blood pumping!

Note: Listed below are sample dates. Choose the "Flexible Date" tab located just above the list of flight options for the cheapest combination of dates.

1. Los Angeles starting from $289

Feb 18 to 27

Mickey Mouse autographs and Harry Potter World. YAS!

2. San Fransisco starting from $296

Feb 15 to 28

Golden Gate Bridge photoshoots here you come!

3. Boston starting from $369

Feb 19 to 24

Photo cred - Flighthub

Forget UBC. Let's go to Harvard and MIT.

4. Orlando starting from $399

Feb 17 to 23

Can't get enough of those Disney World turkey legs!

5. New York starting from $419

Feb 18 to 28

Big plans in the Big Apple.

6. Cancun starting from $559

Feb 19 to 26

Photo cred - Flighthub

Where's the bar?

7. Hong Kong starting from $577

Feb 17 to 25

Photo cred - Flighthub

Bubble waffles, IFC, Repulse Bay, and a whole lot of HK style milk tea.

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