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7 Vancouver Homes For Sale Along The Canada Line That Are Still Kinda Affordable

Vancouver kind of affordable, that is.
7 Cheap Vancouver Homes On The Canada Line That Are Still Kinda Affordable

As infamous as Vancouver is for sky-high rents and exploding home prices, it's not all bad. Even us broke Millenials might be able to buy one of these bad boys one day. Plus, these cheap Vancouver homes are not only (sorta) affordable, they're in a great location too.

Don't you hate commuting to work or school? Speaking from experience, I had to bus for over an hour both ways for class, and not even the best podcasts could save me from boredom.

But thankfully, if you could get your hands on one of these great locations, you'll be able to outrun your transit problems behind on the Canada Line.

It's super convenient for getting around the city, and even if you're able to drive, the convenience of popping on the train is hard to top.

But wait, I hear you ask through the computer screen, aren't Vancouver homes ridiculously overpriced?

Well, you can hold your horses right there because there's still somewhat reasonably-priced housing in the city that we could maybe possibly afford in our lifetimes.

And I'm talking proper housing too, not just some parking lot selling for $50,000. These houses and apartments are perfect for the busy, working Vancouverite, and they're just waiting for you to call them home.

Breezy Base

Price: $680,000

Address: 1703 -198 Aquarius Mews, Vancouver, BC

Description: Located right near Yaletown-Roundhouse, this spacious floorplan is great for dance parties with friends or by yourself.

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Bird's Perch

Price: $828,800

Address: 2704 - 833 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC

Description: A great highrise with a view, this modern apartment in the heart of downtown gets tons of natural light.

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Vibrant Condo

Price: $685,000

Address: 505 -1088 Richards St., Vancouver, BC

Description: A great Yaletown location with plenty of room to spare. Easy access to everything you need and more.

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Serenity In Fairview

Price: $625,000

Address: 213 - 555 14 Ave. W., Vancouver, BC

Description: A peaceful condo near the bustling Broadway-City Hall, this place is great to kick back and relax.

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Giant And Affordable

Price: $774,900

Address: 216 - 555 14 Ave. W., Vancouver, BC

Description: A great, spacious apartment that's nestled close to Broadway-City Hall station. Comes with two bedrooms and a fireplace to boot.

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Calm And Connected

Price: $688,800

Address: 125 - 511 7 Ave. W., Vancouver, BC

Description: Sitting right next to Olympic Village Station, this chill ground floor apartment is just waiting for someone to call it home.

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Distant But Convenient

Price: $895,000

Address: 201 - 4118 Yukon St., Vancouver, BC

Description: Sitting right by King Edward Station, you can get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown but get there in a heartbeat.

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