Darkness, strange formations, an eerie silence – it may not sound that inviting, but it's actually quite the opposite. British Columbia has some extraordinary caves to explore. Travel through extensive underground systems, taking in the impressive structures carved out by mother nature.

We all know that hiking up a mountain is a lot of fun, but hiking under a mountain has the potential to be just as spectacular. So for all the cave lovers and explorers out there, here is a list of some remarkable caves throughout the province. Lots of these places offer tours to ensure no one falls down any dark holes.

By the way … for those who always get the two mixed up – stalactites hang down from the ceiling, while stalagmites build upwards from the ground.

1. Fang Cave // Evanoff Provincial Park

In Northern BC, the ninth longest cave in Canada proudly resides, offering an unique alternative to the usual hike. Travel for 6 km on Fang Trail and observe the unknown beauties that normally rest below our feet. There are also other more technical trails near by for the more experienced cavers and mountaineers. Also surrounded by great hiking!

Photo cred - @mikayladrapeau

2. Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park // Qualicum Bay area

Vancouver Island is home to a vast amount of caves and caverns. So if you find yourself on the island this summer looking for a new and exciting way to spend your day, head to the nearest by cave and submerse yourself in the underground world.

3. Upana Caves // Gold River area

This network of caves is the most accessible of all the caves in the Nootka Sound area. There are no guided tours here, but definitely lots of cave to explore.

4. Little Huson Cave Regional Park // Zeballos area

There are some cool features here, such as sinkholes, canyons, and a disappearing river. A great place if you don't have any caving experience.

Photo cred - @jdallamore

5. Artlish River Cave // between Atluck and Zeballos

* This is a difficult cave! It is hard to navigate and to find, but if you're experienced it is well worth it. Also checkout Artlish Pool!

6. Cody Caves Provincial Park // near Ainsworth Hot Springs

If you're spending some time out in the Kootenays, or enjoying the neighbouring hot springs, you should head into the park for a change of scenery. A stream flows through the cave, adding to the allure of the dim passageways.

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7. Tilly Point Caves // South Pender Island

Hanging out on the beautiful beaches of the Southern Gulf Islands and want to go on an adventure? This underwater cave is really one of the coolest things you can do! Leaving from the beach at Tilly Point or by boat, you can scuba dive through the cave, starting on one side and coming out the other. The abundant and vibrant marine life will take your breath way. You can also snorkel in the waters nearby if you don't have the proper dive certifications.