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Do as Justin Bieber says and go love yourself. So grab your girls, hit up one of these Vancouver spas, and feel your stress massaged away.

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Indulge yourself with some tender loving care and check out one of these awesome and affordable spas in Vancouver. Note that starting prices are under $50, but can increase depending on which treatments you select.

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Luxe Beauty Lounge & Mobile Spa // 123 - 1208 Homer St, Yaletown

A boutique spa that provides several spa services in an intimate, indulgent, relaxed setting,

Cost: Treatments start at $15

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Salt Wonder

Salt Wonder is home to Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, which involves relaxing in a Himalayan salt man-made cave/room that replicates the climate found in a natural salt cave. It is said to beneficial to your respiratory system. There is also a Groupon deal right now, click here.

Cost: Starts at $15, depends on room/cave

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Float House

Floatation therapy is said to have benefits for your body, mind, and soul. Relax every inch of you as you float effortlessly on water and epsom salt, and without any sensory stimuli. Floating can improve your immune system, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce chronic fatigue. Float House has 6 locations throughout the Lower Mainland for you to choose from.

Cost: As low as $39 depending on float session

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Miraj Hammam Spa

Experience an exotic oasis at Miraj Hammam Spa and indulge in traditional Middle Eastern spa treatments at this Hammam and Gommage Spa that will leave your body all soft and relaxed. There is also a Sultana Lounge, where you can relax on velvet beds and silk cushions while enjoying Middle Eastern tea and cake.

Cost: Treatments start at $50

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JJ Family Spa

JJ SPA is the only spa with Korean style bathhouse and sauna in BC. They also have an Earth room, Charcoal room, Salt room, and hot and cold jacuzzis in their facility. Saunas help relieve fatigue and loosen tight muscles. The hot rooms also help with blood circulation and chronic fatigue. There are various spa and massage packages as well.

Cost: $15 admission price, price varies for spa packages

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Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage & Spa // 168 Keefer Place, Downtown

Conveniently located downtown, Barefoot Oasis offers foot reflexology, in which pressure points are massaged in order to reduce tension and strain on certain parts of the body. Various other massages treatments are available here as well, such as acupressure, the massage version of acupuncture.

Cost: Treatments start at $22

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Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa // Harrison Hot Springs

Although this isn't quite in Vancouver, this spa resort is only an hour and half from Vancouver. Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa is a popular weekend getaway for Vancouverites. Five different hot spring fed mineral pools are included with your stay.

Cost: Room prices start around $50 per person, may fluctuate/change based on season and demand

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