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7 Grocery Stores That Deliver In Vancouver

No patience for lines? No problem.
7 Grocery Stores That Deliver In Vancouver If You're So Over Waiting In Long Lines

At the end of a long week, the last thing I want to do is face rush hour at the store. We rounded up our favourite grocery stores that deliver in Vancouver so that we can eat well without even leaving the house. If you are as done with waiting in lines as we are, then you'll love shopping for everything online.

Getting your groceries delivered is more than just a luxury — if you can't leave the house for some reason it could make the difference between eating well and eating the entire bag of long-forgotten oatmeal in the corner of your pantry.

You won't find places like Costco or Walmart on this list, either. In B.C., we're lucky enough to be spoiled for choice when it comes to local companies and food producers.

It's easier than ever to order food from restaurants to your door, but that can get expensive fast.

Throwing together a sandwich and or making a big pot of stew to last a few days can really help save money in the long run, especially if you're saving up to buy a house in Vancouver because they're not cheap.

Here are our favourite places to order groceries in Vancouver whether you're stuck inside, don't feel like changing out of sweats, or you're just done with waiting in the cashier lines:


Why You Need It: Get organic and local products and produce right to your door and feel good about supporting local makers and producers.

Save On Foods

Why You Need It: With an easy-to-use website and fast delivery times at all hours of the day, this is the simplest way to get food fresh.


Why You Need It: Stongs has been delivering in Vancouver since before anyone else was in the game and they do it right.

Fresh St. Market

Why You Need It: This B.C.-based grocery store can deliver all your basics plus a few cheeky extras to make life at home even sweeter.

Real Canadian Superstore

Why You Need It: Superstore can get so crowded that it's often the last place you'd want to be. Get it delivered instead while you stay at home and avoid all that mess.


Why You Need It: Instacart can deliver your favourite T&T picks to your door now and it's going to make your life a lot simpler.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Why You Need It: When you find yourself running out of things like contact lens solution, shampoo, and razors you can use Instacart to get it delivered.

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