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7 Influential Vancouverites With Awesome Jobs

7 Influential Vancouverites With Awesome Jobs

I think we can agree that the digital age has taken over. Now, thanks to the Internet, the world is practically at our fingertips! Between all the uploading, downloading and sharing, social networking has basically become a way of life for some Vancouverites.

It's even changed Vancouver's job opportunities for the better! With the power of the Internet, literally anything is possible as a career path, so long as your connection is fast and reliable.

In case you want to become a professional YouTuber or maybe an Instafamous celebrity yourself, get inspired by these influential Vancouverites who've made it to the major leagues and never looked back:

1. Maurice Li // Photographer and Co-founder of stayandwander.com

As master of angles and tones, Maurice Li has one of the most well curated Instagram accounts in Vancouver. Maurice keeps it real by showcasing everything from travel, to wildlife, to urban living on his personal account. As cofounder of @stayandwander, Maurice also works with top brands such as Google, Canon, Arc'teryx and more to create influencer-led advertising campaigns.

 2. Sunny Lenarduzzi // Video marketer, brand strategist

Described as a social media rock star, Sunny Lenarduzzi is a born and bred broadcaster from #teamTELUS who’s made a name for herself as a brand strategist and social/video marketer. Much of her time is spent prepping for her next TV segment or filming YouTube videos, but she also runs a wicked Instagram account that promotes entrepreneurship. Sunny makes connections every day online, so she relies on lightning fast internet speed to help her maintain a strong online presence.

3. Sisley Killam // Vegan food and lifestyle Instagram and blogger

What started off as an idea to inspire people to eat better turned into a full-time gig for Sisley Killam. As an Influencer, Sisley relies on technology to get the job done! For this Instagram guru, if her internet isn't performing, it means her videos won't upload properly or she can't post a photo to Pinterest at the right time. Therefore, Sisley works primarily from home where she can rely on consistent Internet speeds.

4. Geoffrey // Photographer

Geoffrey is an urban explorer. A scroll through his feed will have you questioning how he even takes some of his photos - is he a crafty drone pilot or a daring spider man? One thing that's for sure: he has an amazing ability to capture Vancouver in ways you never even dreamed of.

5. Leigh Dickson // Makeup Artist, Instagram & YouTuber

Leigh is essentially Vancouver's resident makeup goddess. Having started out as a makeup artist, her job quickly transformed into that of a social media influencer. She now spends most of her time creating content on YouTube and Instagram. One of the best parts about Leigh's work is the travel that comes alongside it the only downside is the ridiculously slow hotel Internet she has to contend with while on the road!

6 . Linda Dong // YouTuber, Instagrammer

YouTube sensation by day and Instagram superstar also by day, Linda has made a career making people laugh online. She posts new videos almost daily, and runs both a personal and meme Instagram account.

6 . Emma Choo // Food Blogger, Instagrammer

Emma is the founder and creative director of the Instagram-based food blog @vancouverfoodie. Emma samples both hole-in-the-wall and trendy restaurants in Vancouver to find the very best and share it with her city. As a food blogger Emma relies on access to WiFi and data to do additional research and upload content.

What's something these 6 Vancouverites have in common? They all rely on having fast download and upload speeds to get their jobs done.

Vancouver is lucky enough to be a new TELUS PureFibre™ community, which not only provides download speeds of 150mbps, but also equally fast upload speeds of 150mbps (that’s really, really fast). This means Vancouverites can upload their own content, video conference, game and access cloud-based storage quicker than ever before. Imagine what high upload speeds could do to up your Insta game.