After we all turned the ripe age of 19 (or earlier for the sneaky ones), we were shuffled into the world of sticky clubs. With expectations high from our favourite shows and movies (ahem… Sex and the City) we anticipated a space of dance expression and an abundance of hotties. What were given is the sweat levels of a girl's locker room after P.E. fitness testing, coupled with the smoky ambience of EDM music galore.

No matter how large your awkward girls circle is in the middle of the dance floor, no butt is safe from the creepy wave of acceptance that clubs give to touching strangers. It's a sad day when we come to realize that clubs are just a much larger and more expensive frat party.

If you love dancing but are tired of smiling through a dingy club experience, here are 7 places to go dancing that aren't clubs:

Photo cred- @numberscabaret

Sexydance without harassment at Numbers Cabaret // 1042 Davie St.

Located in the West End and bursting with rainbow pride, Numbers is a great place to dance with your friends. It's got the club vibe without the dingy crowd and "accidental" butt grabbing. Plus you can chill upstairs with a pool table if you're not in the mood to have your personal space invaded by sweaty bodies.

Photo cred- @privetkotyonok

Dance some Salsa at Robson Square // 800 Robson St.

Every Sunday afternoon from July 3rd to August 28th, head to Robson square for some free Salsa lessons! Awaken your inner latin dance queen in the summer sun.

Photo cred- @thebourbongastown

Cowgirl it up at The Bourbon // 50 W Cordova St.

Vancouver's first country club, this place first opened its doors 1937. Although their music has shifted away from country in recent times, you can still feel the cowboy vibes. Mix up your grinding/butt dancing attempts and opt for something traditional... line dancing anyone?

Photo cred- @dean_maloney

Work off delicious Shcnitzel at The Alpen Club // 4875 Victoria Dr.

Get your groove on at the Alpen Club's Euroband Club Dance every Friday night. You can enjoy the delicacies of Germany and dance away the calories afterwards to some of their local music.

Photo cred- @janesmoker

Attempt to be effortless like the drag-queens at The Junction Pub // 1138 Davie St.

The colourful and welcoming vibes in at The Junction Pub can be felt as soon as you enter the doors. Watch some seriously talented ladies work it on the stage and join them for a dance session afterwards.

Photo cred- @harbourdance

Drop in for a dance class at the Harbour Dance Centre // 927 Granville St.

Find their schedule here and arrive 15 minutes early for all sorts of different dance classes. Try belly dancing with some girlfriends to have a blast while also working out for the day!

Photo cred- @lindsaygalbs

Sway to some blues and jazz at The Fairview Pub // 898 West Broadway St.

Your ear drums deserve a night away from EDM. Enjoy some live blues and Jazz and use some moves that don't use your butt.

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