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7 Secret Places In BC You Won't Believe Really Exist

Beautiful British Columbia.

I didn't grow up in BC, but what I love about this region is how many astonishing pieces of nature I discover everyday, even when walking downtown Vancouver. Caring about the protection of the environment, I am always amazed by all the green areas and the biodiversity that you can find in Vancouver.

Looking for spots in BC to visit this summer, I have found such wonderful and isolated places that made me fall in love with the West Coast even harder. Forget about about the Lighthouse Park, Granville Island or Pacific Spirit Park, BC gathers so much stunning natural beauty that everyone should try this Summer.

Here are 7 secret places you won't believe it exists in BC:

Savary Island

This small piece of wild nature surrounded by the ocean is a great destination of nature-lovers. There is limited access to power, internet connection and any modern utilities are banished from this natural land. Savary Island is known for its amazing white sands beaches and late night bonfires. If you want a break from the city and to spend an entire weekend having fun with your friends, book your cabin.

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site

This Park will make you proud of being from BC. Gwaii Haanas Reserve is home to many wild marine life such as whales, dolphins and colourful sea wracks. Walking in the park, you will find hundred year old trees that are 95 meters high. This giant forest covers most of the biggest island and is one of the richest rainforests of Canada. Have the fantastic experience of visiting of one of the worlds Heritage sites.

Cape Scott Park

If you're looking for new trails to feed your hiking appetite this summer, try one of the coastal trails of Cape Scott Park. Located on the Northwest of Vancouver Island, the jade coloured water of the ocean will make English Bay look like a joke. Immerse yourself in the fascinating culture of First Nations and revisit the history of European settlement in BC.

Lake O'Hara

Dying to skip the heat and refresh up in the mountains? In the Rockies, you will find Lake O'Hara astonishing! Imagine jade coloured lake water surrounded by snowcapped peaks. This is the ideal place to get a blast of fresh air. This spectacular place is perfect for a romantic weekend.

Photo cred - orangemarmeladepress.wordpress.com

Barkerville Historic Town

Identified as a Government of Canada National Historic Site, Barkerville is a 1850's historical town that has been frozen in the time of BC's golden beginning. The largest living-history museum in North America, this heritage site was shaped by miners looking for precious metals. The town located the foothills of the Cariboo mountains is an amazing opportunity to revisit Canada's History and travel through time.

Telegraph Cove

Vancouver Island locals know this cove on this eastern coast of the island. This historical town is well-known for whale watching and welcoming locals, that will make you feel at home by the second you arrive. Great for kayaking, observing wildlife and nature and getting away from the hectic urban life, families, groups of friends or individual will be delighted by their visit.

Inside Passage

Stretch of the sea between the mountainous cost of Alaska and BC islands, this passage is the second longest river of the province. First Nations and European settlers have occupied the coast of the passage, humpback whales, fin whales, dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, salmon sharks and other large animals will mesmerize anyone. Visit the Haida village and discover the North American culture on the Queen Charlotte Islands. This area portrays the Native American, Canadian and Alaskan shared History.

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