7 Signs You Need A Break From Vancouver

Vancouverites unite
7 Signs You Need A Break From Vancouver

According to the general consensus, Vancouver is not only the best place to live in Canada, but is actually the best city in the world to live in.

There aren't many other cities where you can be surrounded by beautiful, lush mountains, while enjoying a day at the beach, steps from your apartment building in Downtown Vancouver. We have both beautiful residential neighbourhoods and city skylines, lined with trees and densely forested parks. Not to mention, we're surrounded by oceans and lakes.

However, there are plenty of downsides each of us face living in such an expansive and over-crowded city. It's possible to have too much of a good thing, which is why we need a break sometimes even when we don't realize it. Let's explore these telltale signs, shall we.

1. Nothing is free in Vancouver

I think we can all agree Vancouver is an expensive place to live. There's a reason you see people exercising in the park and it's due to the fact that it's basically the only free activity there is at this point. You can't even use the Starbucks washroom anymore without buying something.

2. You're running off of caffeine

New York isn't the only city that never sleeps these days. It takes working three jobs just to afford rent in this place and caffeine has become our equivalent to sleep. Unless you are one of those awesome people living in a Yaletown one bedroom condo without a roommate, who gets off work at 4pm, and still has time to go skiing at the end of the day, your probably working your ass off to make ends meet.

3. You rarely see your friends

If all we do is work, drink caffeine, and pay rent, there isn't much time for a social life either. We're all human and we all need interaction with other genuine humans. Although sometimes it may seem like genuine people are hard to come by in the city, we still deserve a drink or two with some nice conversation after a long week.

4. You've had sushi every night for dinner this week

Vancouver has great sushi and we will eat that sh*t every day. But once in a while it might be nice to try something new, say, sushi in a different city. Who has time to grocery shop? Besides, the lady at the sushi place nearby knows you by first name AND knows exactly how you like your teriyaki chicken rice bowl with extra broccoli.

5. All you talk about is the weather

Or, how terrible the weather has been, but you really do hope it improves by the weekend just in time for your kayak trip. It's no secret that people in Vancouver not only think they live in the best city ever, but on the contrary aren't afraid to hold back from bashing it whenever possible. And what's one thing we all have in common here in Vancouver? Rain.

6. You solely wear yoga apparel

Sure, you own other clothing, but why wear anything else when you can appear to be either on your way to the gym, or to have just completed an extensive workout, while maintaining flawless hair and makeup. Now that we've finally dissipated the whole TNA pants trend, we've now moved on to bigger and better things: Lululemon pants. These are basically a staple in every girls hangover wardrobe nowadays.

7. You start saying no to everything

Everyone knows Vancouverites are some of the most polite people, but between juggling a social life, relationships, working three jobs, school, and paying the bills, it becomes hard to say yes to anything. There's been a lot of debate about whether Vancouverites are superficial or arrogant, or whatever word people from Toronto like to label us by. But I'd like to leave you with the conclusion that perhaps we're just a little afraid to leave the comforting walls of the city behind and take a break from the city.

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