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7 Ways To Feel Like A Good Person In Vancouver Today

Most livable city here we come!
7 Ways To Feel Like A Good Person In Vancouver Today

Vancouverites are a seriously rad group of people. It's home to one of the world's greatest mosaics, the birthplace of Greenpeace, and an insanely bikeable city. From the ski hills to the beach, we live in a pretty epic place.

We are a city that rises to the challenge. I mean we all saw the 2010 Olympics; we can literally make our own snow when we need to! So here is a list of things YOU can do to make Vancouver even better. Screw Melbourne and Vienna, let's reclaim our title as the most livable city!

1. Shine that light of yours

Say hi to people on the streets, ask them how their day is going, and chat them up. It's amazing how big of an impact this can have on the both of you!

via @subway

2. Buy a SUBWAY sandwich

Whaaaaat? Yes, really, you can eat food while making Vancouver better. On National Sandwich Day and throughout the month (November 3rd to 30th), Subway is accepting $1 donations at all BC locations and any money raised will go directly to the nearest local Food Bank, so you are directly supporting your own community when you support the Food Bank at Subway! Last year, they raised over $40,000... Now that's a lot of SANDWISHES come true!

3. Pick up the trash

Don't let Vancouver be trashy, pick that garbage up and clean up your city.

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4. Volunteer at the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Located in the heart of the Downtown Eastside, this place does A LOT of good. Whether you go alone or bring some friends, you are sure to meet some awesome people. Sound like your kind of gig? Click here to sign up.

via @vanfoodbank

5. Carry fresh food around with you

One of the biggest challenges for people living on the street is eating nutritiously. Stuff some carrots in that giant purse of yours. Let's share those vitamins and give people some food that will make them feel great from the inside out.

6. Don't idle!!!!!!

Smog is seriously gross. Don't let smog infiltrate Vancouver! Gone are the days of letting your car warm up for 20 minutes in the driveway. It's 2016 people, so pull out that ice scraper and get to it.

via @the_whisky_bandit

7. Donate to local causes

Vancouverites already believe that we should #BUYLOCAL, but we also need to #GIVELOCAL. Money can be stretched so far by local charities. For example, every $1 donated to Food Banks Canada is converted to nearly three times its value! Since 2008, food bank usage has risen by 26%, so let's make every dollar count!

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