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7 Unique Places To De-Stress And Relax In Vancouver

You need some loving, TLC.
7 Unique Places To De-Stress And Relax In Vancouver

Do as Justin Bieber says, "go and love yourself". With the busyness of our lives and the city, we all need a little me time every once in a while. You deserve to treat yourself with some TLC. Take a short break from your life and just relax.

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To help you de-stress, here are 7 unique places where you can escape your worries in Vancouver: 

Scandinavian Bath // Scandinave Spa

Soak in a Scandinavian bath and your worries will melt away. Overlooking the mountain vistas and Whistler Blackcomb’s valleys, the Scandinave Spa is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. The Scandinavian bath experience, also known as hydrotherapy, offers several benefits. On top of cleansing, energizing, and relaxing the body, it stimulates blood circulation and the release of endorphins. There is also a thermal waterfall and massage packages are available.

Cost: $60 for bath access

Floatation Therapy // Float House, Pure Float

Floating has benefits for your body, mind, and soul. Relax every inch of you as you float effortlessly on water and epsom salt, and without any sensory stimuli. Floating can improve your immune system, relieve stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce chronic fatigue.

Cost: $39 - 79 depending on float session

Salt Therapy // Salt Wonder

Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, involves relaxing in a Himalayan salt man-made cave/room that replicates the climate found in a natural salt cave. It is said to beneficial to your respiratory system.

Cost: $15 - 65 depending on room/cave

Hot Springs Baths And Spas // 11 natural hot springs in BC listed here

Just soaking in a hot spring could be enough to experience serenity. Yet there are also great health benefits to hot spring baths. Hot springs are believed to be able to relieve pain and aching, lower anxiety and stress, and boost circulation. Also, many outdoor hot springs are free!

Cost: Free for an undeveloped hot spring, the price varies for developed ones

Dog Therapy // Therapeutic Paws Of Canada, St. John Ambulance's Therapy Dog Services

Who doesn't love playing with puppies? Universities like UBC and SFU host puppy rooms during the school year to help students alleviate their stress and to boost their mood. Therapy dog services can be requested with St. John Ambulance, to bring happiness and comfort to people in need of a friendly visit. Therapeutic Paws Of Canada provides programs to hospitals, seniors residences, nursing homes, libraries, and schools.

Cost: Free

Hammam and Gommage Spa // Miraj Hammam Spa

Experience an exotic oasis at Miraj Hammam Spa and indulge in traditional Middle Eastern spa treatments that will leave your body all soft and relaxed. The Hammam experience consists of mist and high intensity steam chambers cleansing the body, stimulating your senses. Afterwards is Gommage, where you lay luxuriously on Jerusalem gold marble while an esthetician exfoliates
 your body with black Moroccan soap. There is also a Sultana Lounge, where you can relax on velvet beds and silk cushions while enjoying Middle Eastern tea and cake.

Cost: Treatments start at $50

Korean Style Bath-house And Sauna // JJ Family Spa

JJ SPA is the only spa with Korean style bath-house and sauna in BC. They also have an Earth room, Charcoal room, Salt room, and hot and cold jacuzzis at their facility. Saunas help relieve fatigue and loosen tight muscles. The hot rooms also help with blood circulation and chronic fatigue. There are various spa and massage packages as well.

Cost: $15 admission price, price varies for spa packages

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