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7 Vancouver Coffee Shops That Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Europe

When you need to stop by Paris for a quick cup

I don't know what it is, but there's something truly magical about coffee shops. It is a place where strangers become lovers, where new friends become old friends, where old friends reconnect.

It's a place where your blind coffee date can be limited to 45 minutes if they happen to disinterest you, or a place for you and your best friend to tent for hours and hours catching up on the latest drama about each others' new significant others.

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That being said, they say the most magical coffee shops are in Paris, Italy, Spain. Well honey, we're not in Europe. But there are some coffee shop gems in Vancouver that will make you feel like you're in Europe. So save on that $1,000 ticket and get that European feel right in your backyard with these amazing coffee shops:

Platform 7 Coffee // 2300 West Broadway St.

The cozy antique vibe at Platform 7 Coffee is reminiscent of the historic Victorian train stations of London. And of course, with amazing coffee roasts from Stumptown Coffee Roasters, go choo choo on over and snuggle up to a cup.

Aperture Coffee Bar // 243 West Broadway St.

One-part library/book store, one-part coffee shop. This cute little coffee shop has got the feel of a hip European coffee shop down to a tee.

Prado Cafe // 100 West Hastings St.

Rustic coffee shop feel with beans from 49th Parallel, you know it's gonna be gooood.

Pappa Roti // 1505 Robson St.

Butter buns and coffee buns served on rustic wooden boards, how much more European can you get?

Fondway Cafe // 4462 Beresford St.

A whimsical hand-painted mural, rustic wooden slabs and barrels, a chalkboard and an old vintage clock. That about sums up the vibe of Fondway Cafe. It's in a pretty weird location just behind Metro, but the interior will make you want to study for hours.

East Van Coffee Roasters // 319 Carrall St.

A red brick wall with wooden benches, local coffee and local chocolate. A better combo than that? Non-existent.

Revolver // 325 Cambie St.

Opened by the Giannakos brothers of Crema, Revolver has by far some of the best coffee in town. Don't forget to pick up a bottle of their cold brewed coffee! (Yes, bottled.)

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