Vancouver is synonymous with luxury these days especially with high-priced real estate and flagship Hermès stores popping up all over. Following this luxury trend, we found a few Vancouver houses for sale are insanely priced and totally over the top. You would actually think it's Beverly Hills over here by looking at the price tags on these homes.

When I was little, I would picture the kind of home you could buy with a million dollars. It looked just like Cher's white mansion from Clueless, and it would be absolutely massive and extra. Remember her computerized and motorized closet? That was the closet of dreams. 

The sad reality these days is that one million will get you just an average, possibly even dumpy house in Vancouver and that's only if you're able to put together a down payment. Don't have many millions of dollars in the bank? You can scoop up a home for less than one million in Vancouver these days.

But if you dare to dream and you want to see what kind of extravagance that 10, 20 or even 60 million will get you in Vancouver, then read on. Here are seven Vancouver houses for sale right now that are totally OTT:

Dragon Palace

Price: $18,880,000

Address: 5358 Kensington Crescent, West Vancouver

Why You Need It: With mountain and ocean views, cosy Dragon Palace is a great place to lay down your roots. Splash in the giant pool and sleep in all 7 bedrooms enough for one every day of the week.

British Properties Golden Mile Mansion

Price: $16,800,000

Address: 815 King Georges Way, West Vancouver

Why You Need It: This modestly-priced mansion gives you all the prestige of the British Properties with half of the cost! Plus, you can finally work on your golf game from the privacy of your own mansion.

Belmont Estate

Price: $58,000,000

Address: 4788 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver, BC

Why You Need It: If you ever saw Donald Trump's interior design sense and think, "Hey, that looks pretty good" then this is the home for you. There's a grand piano in the grand hall "which has been played in by world-class musicians" according to the listing. Secret world-class musicians? Snap this place up quickly.

Belmont Mansion

Price: $32,800,000

Address: 4788 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver

Why You Need It: This grand home has an entryway that's so extra. Plus, public pools can be so gross so this mansion comes with its own indoor pool, jacuzzi and steam room.

Absolutely Gorgeous World Class Mansion

Price: $23,800,000

Address: 3719 Selkirk Street, Vancouver,

Why You Need It: This Shaughnessy home is a lot to take in. When you get bored of the indoor pool, you can chill out in the movie theatre or just kick back in one of the opulent living rooms in one of the "high-quality German-made chairs."

Seaside Place

Price: $22,880,000

Address: 5340 Seaside Place, West Vancouver

Why You Need It: You'll get your own modern mansion in a private gated community at Seaside Place. It's the only way to enjoy the waterfront infinity pool and deck.

Exclusive West Coast Craftsman

Price: $11,998,000

Address: 4546 Langara Avenue, Vancouver

Why You Need It: An infinity-edge pool overlooking the city with a cosy fire pit to warm up after a dip — what else could you want out of a Vancouver home?

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