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74 Bucket List Restaurants Every True Vancouverite Needs To Try

If you are like me, you hate the idea of having to think of a place to eat your next meal. Lucky for us, Vancouver is stocked with great restaurants in every neighbourhood. And lucky for you, I prefer to let a professional cook the food I eat, so I can proudly say that I have eaten at more than 90% of these places.

In no particular order, (except for #1 because they have the best Chicken and Waffles in Vancouver) here are a list of 74 restaurants that you need to try.

1. Tuc Craft Kitchen

Where: 60 West Cordova

Type: Canadian

2. Guu Gastown

Where: 375 Water Street

Type: Japanese

3. Six Acres

Where: 203 Carrall Street

Type: Gastropub

4. Joe Fortes

Where: 777 Thurlow Street

Type: Seafood, Steakhouse

5. Chill Winston

Where: 3 Alexander Street

Type: Gastropub

Photo cred - @thediamondgastown

6. The Diamond

Where: 6 Powell Street

Type: Japanese

7. Chambar

Where: 568 Beatty Street

Type: Belgian

8. Stackhouse Burger Bar

Where: 1224 Granville Street

Type: Canadian

9. The Parlour

Where: 1011 Hamilton Street

Type: Pizza

10. The Eatery

Where: 3431 West Broadway

Type: Japanese, Asian fusion

11. The Emerald

Where: 555 Gore Ave

Type: Lounge

12. The Brixton

Where: 212 East Georgia Street

Type: Vegitarian

13. Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Where: 2095 West 4th Ave

Type: Diner

14. The Foundation

Where: 2301 Main Street

Type: Vegetarian

15. Tsui Hang Village

Where: 1193 Granville St

Type: Chinese

16. Ask For Luigi

Where: 305 Alexander Street

Type: Italian

17. The Teahouse

Where: 7501 Stanley Park Drive

Type: Seafood

18. Bridges Restaurant

Where: 1696 Duranleau St

Type: Seafood

19. Pizzaria Barberella

Where: 654 East Broadway

Type: Pizza

20. The Shameful Tiki Room

Where: 4362 Main Street

Type: Cocktail Bar

21. Phnom Penh

Where: 244 East Georgia Street

Type: Cambodian

22. The Ramen Butcher

Where: 223 East Georgia Street

Type: Ramen

23. East is East

Where: 2810 Main Street

Type: Middle Eastern, Indian, Vegetarian

24. The Score on Davie

Where: 1262 Davie Street

Type: American

25. Duffins Donuts

Where: 1391 E 41st Ave

Type: 24hour diner

26. The Local

Where: 2210 Cornwall Ave

Type: Canadian

27. Dark Table

Where: 2611 W 4th Ave

Type: Canadian

28. The Naam

Where: 2724 W 4th Ave

Type: Vegetarian, Burgers, Mexican

29. Gotham Steak House

Where: 615 Seymour Street

Type: Steakhouse

30. The Flying Pig

Where: 102 Water Street

Type: Canadian

Photo Cred - @neils.foodworld

31. Bon's off Broadway

Where: 2451 Nanaimo St

Type: American, Breakfast

32. Vij's

Where: 3106 Cambie Street

Type: Indian

33. Cardero's

Where: 1583 Coal Harbour Quay

Type: Seafood, Cajun/Creole, Canadian

34. Blue water Cafe

Where: 1095 Hamilton St

Type: Seafood, Live/Raw Food

35. Meat And Bread

Where: 370 Cambie Sreet

Type: Sandwiches

36. Chewies

Where: 2201 West 1st Ave

Type: Seafood, Cajun/Creole

Photo cred - @kryzzzie

37. Stephos Souvlaki Greek Taverna

Where: 1124 Davie Street

Type: Greek

38. Le Crocodile

Where: 909 Burrard Street

Type: French

39. L’Abattoir

Where: 217 Carrall Street

Type: French Canadian

40. Hawksworth Restaurant

Where: 801 W Georgia Street

Type: Canadian

41. HSPA izakaya

Where: 1479 Robson Street

Type: Japanese

42. Poorhouse

Where: 162 Water Street

Type: Canadian

43. Notturno

Where: 280 Carrall Street

Type: Italian

44. Bestie

Where: 105 E Pender St

Type: German

45. Bao Down

Where: 12 Powell Street

Type: Asian Fusion

46. Calabash bistro

Where: 428 Carrall Street

Type: Caribbean

47. La Mescalaria

Where: 1622 Commercial Drive

Type: Mexican

48. Tacofino

Where: 15 West Cordova

Type: Mexican

49. Bao Bei

Where: 163 Keefer Street

Type: Chinese

50. Nook

Where: 1525 Yew Street

Type: Italian

51. House of Dosas

Where: 1391 Kingsway

Type: Indian

52. Les Faux Bourgeois

Where: 663 E 15th Ave

Type: French

53. Nuba Gastown

Where 207 W Hastings St

Type: Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Lebanese

54. Cin Cin

Where: 1154 Robson Street

Type: Italian

55. Lift Bar and Grill

Where: 333 Menchions Mews

Type: Seafood

56. Twisted Fork Bistro

Where: 1147 Granville Street

Type: French

57. Rio Brazilian Steakhouse

Where: 689 Denman Street

Type: Brazilian

59. Japadog

Where: 530 Robson Street

Type: Hot Dogs, Food Stand

60. Save On Meats

Where: 43 West Hastings Street

Type: Diner

61. Lucy's Diner

Where: 2708 Main Street

Type: 24 hour Diner

62. Acme Cafe

Where: 51 W Hastings St

Type: Diner, Breakfast

63. Pho Tan

Where: 4598 Main Street

Type: Vietnamese

64. The Elbow Room

Where: 560 Davie Street

Type: Diner, Breakfast

65. Bandidas Taqueria

Where: 2781 Commercial Drive

Type: Mexican, Vegetarian

66. Havana

Where: 1212 Commercial Drive

Type: Latin American, Cuban

67. Norboo Korean Restaurant

Where: 1536 Robson Street

Type: Korean

68. The Boathouse

Where: 1795 beach ave

Type: Seafood

69. The Red Wagon Cafe

Where: 2296 E Hastings St

Type: Diner

70. Yolks

Where: 1298 E Hastings St

Type: Breakfast

71. Oyster Express

Where: 296 Keefer St

Type: Seafood

72. Pizza Farina

Where: 915 Main St

Type: Pizza

73. Incendio

Where: 103 Columbia Street

Type: Pizza, Italian

74. Dixies BBQ

Where: 337 E Hastings Street

Type: Barbeque

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