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8 Bucket List Trips Of A Lifetime You Need To Make Before Turning 25

The guide to the must-have travel experiences.

Majority of us have already caught the travel bug. Maybe you caught it at a young age while going on family trips or maybe you are more new to the disease after going on your post-college grad trip. Whatever the case, you know that you're happiest when you're on the road.

While your wanderlust will probably stay with you for life, there are some trips that you have to get out of the way ASAP, so make sure you get these all done before you hit 25:

The Greek Islands // Greece

There are a few good spots to take cool Instagrams in Vancouver, but nothing compares to the Greek Isles. If you are into beaches and fashion, you will love Santorini. If you like to party with no clothes on and regret the day you were born on the next morning, explore Ios and Mykonos.

The Yatch Week // Croatia

The concept of the week is simple: see the world from your own yacht. It's seven days of sailing to hidden splendours and exclusive events with the hottest people from around the world. Apparently, the town of Novalja (Ibiza's cousin) is amazing during the Spring Break.

Ibiza // Spain

Ibiza is a party island off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean that many have never even heard of. You can stay for a week and see a new world-renowned DJ every night, with artists like Avicii and David Guetta playing weekly shows in some of the world's best clubs. Mix that music scene with amazing Spanish beaches, sexy people in scantily-clad bikinis, and you're set for the best party experience of your life.

Photo cred- @irina_tee

Thailand // Asia

Three words: Full Moon Party. If your friends don't have the money to buy the plane ticket, or don't have the time to explore Asia during a month, you can book a group travel via Free & Easy Traveler. The website offers a few adventures in Asia, depending on your dream itinerary or your budget, with young and cool people.

Peru // South America

The Machu Picchu climb is perfect for athletic and spiritual young people. The Incan citadel, set high in the Andes Mountains, is the symbol of Peru. This destination is also ideal for hot blooded people who love fresh air, beaches and outside activities.

Las Vegas // United States

I don’t know why, but everything seems possible when you are in Las Vegas. You kind of become a better version of yourself, more festive and stress-free. It might be the perfect weather, or just the perfect vibe of the destination. You should really visit Sin City in your early 20s, since you can't have that type of experience anywhere else.

Amsterdam // Netherlands

The art, the food, the culture, the nightlife and the "coffeeshops" of Amsterdam make the city one the most popular for people in their 20s around the world. It will probably be the most laid-back trip of your life.

Burning Man // Nevada

Every year, tens of thousands of people go celebrate in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create a temporary city, dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance. You can definitely attend this festival in your late 20s, but it will be harder to recover!

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