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8 Essential Things Every Girlboss Always Has With Her

Practical & fashionable are a second nature for us
8 Essential Things Every Girlboss Always Has With Her

The purse is like the "icing on the cake" when it comes to fashion rules. It shows your own fashion style with a touch of colour or simply an outright element of your outfit. Some girls like it small to bring only the essentials... I prefer a big one so I can put what's necessary to function and add things during the day (cause you never have enough stuff in your bag).

Whether you like it small or big, what's in your bag is very illustrative of who you are as a person. Wallet and phone are of course inevitable for independent woman of the 21st century. What else do we need?

Let's find out what accessories any Vancouverite girl needs to have in her purse:

1. Lip balm

When meeting someone new, the first two things people look at is your shinning eyes and your beautiful mouth. With all the choice of flavour we get today, pick your favourite and moisturize those charming lips. Think of all the kisses you'll give this summer...

2. Portable cellphone charger

Vancouver women love going out after work and spending time with their friends. We are always down for hanging out and meeting new people. If you're like me you have a curse on your phone battery and its constantly dying while you desperately need to contact your friends. Do yourself a favour and buy a portable cellphone charger.

3. Hand sanitizer

Yes I know, it dries out your skin and doesn't always smell great. But think of all the microbes your hands have accumulated through the day in the bus, typing on your keyboard, opening public doors... You do not want to touch your face or eat anything with hands full of germs. For a delicious fragrance, The Body Shop mango hand sanitizer smell like heaven!

4. Umbrella

This is necessary to survive in Vancouver! Weather is so unstable, you never know when rain is gonna pour! Buy local and invest in a solid and life-long umbrella at the Umbrella Shop.

5. Snacks

One thing that I hate is being hungry and having to buy a not-so-healthy snack at $6. The high living cost of Vancouver can be very irritating. I've therefore decided to always bring a snack in my purse. I love the Lara Bars: sweet and delicious break they are 100% made of natural ingredients. My favourite flavour is cashew.

6. Hair tie

If you love ending your day with a yoga session or 30min on the treadmills, having a hair kit on your bag is a must. Small hair brush, hair ties and couples of pins will be lifesaver for those who always forget those essentials in their gym bag.

7. Sunglasses

As I've mentioned earlier, you cannot predict Vancouver weather. Better protect your eyes by wearing your fancy sun glasses ! For good and cheap sunnies, check the London drugs collection.

8. Bottle of water

Tips from someone who drinks a 3-4 litres of water per day: your skin will never look better! I love putting lime and mint in mine to spice up a little bit my drink ! Get your water bottle with fruit infuser for fresh drinks all summer!

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