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8 Of The Freaking Best French Fries In Vancouver

Fries before guys.

Fries are probably one of the best foods ever invented. 

Always reliable, fries are one food you can always depend on to taste great. Whether as a side to a burger, dunked in garlic mayo, or covered with gravy and cheese curds, fries are delicious no matter how you slice them.

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With so many variations in Vancouver on this classic favourite, you have got to try these 8 best french fries spots in Vancouver. You'll likely be craving some fried potato goodness after this article anyways.

Okonomi Fries, Double-layered Kalbi Beef Poutine // Frites, 1011 Granville St.

Frites has a wide and unique selection of delicious poutines. Try some of the extravagant options like Okonomi Fries, Double-layered Kalbi Beef Poutine, or Crispy Chicken.

Cost: Starts at $5.99

Kimchi Fries // Bao Down, 12 Powell St, Gastown

Do you even need any more convincing after that picture? Bao Down's Kimchi Fries are made with kennebec potato fries, crispy pork belly, sweet soy, crispy garlic, bean sprouts, garlic mayo and scallions. A small size is already quite filling.

Cost: $6 for small, $10 for large

Shake Fries // Japadog, 530 Robson St, Vancouver

Offering unique, fusion flavours, the shake fries at Japadog are a local favourite. Butter and Shoyu is the most popular flavour at Japadog, but the other flavours like Shichimi & Garlic and Aonori are totally worth a try as well!

Cost: $2.39

Right Field Garlic Fries // Romer's Burger Bar, 1039 Mainland Street, 1873 W 4th Ave, and 8683 Kerr Street

Romer's garlic & sea salt fries are too good not to try. Good garlic fries can (sadly) be a rarity in Vancouver, so head on over to Romer's for some garlic goodness.


Poutine // La Belle Patate, 1215 Davie St, Vancouver

Indulge yourself with one of Canada’s greatest food inventions - the poutine. La Belle Patate’s poutine is reminiscent of the Montreal style. Poutine toppings include Montreal Smoked Meat and BBQ Galvaude. Oh yeah, and there’s even an All You Can Eat option for the diehards.

Cost: Starts at $6, All You Can Eat Poutine is $19.5

Belgian Fries // Belgian Fries, 1885 Commercial

Get a taste of Belgium in a cone with a side of flavoured mayo. Dipping sauces include flavours such as golden mayo, chipotle, garlic, hot garlic, and more. Poutine options are also available.

Cost: Starts at $3.95 for a small

Fritz // Fritz European Fry House, 718 Davie St.

Serving up some of the best poutine and European style fries in the city, Fritz is an affordable and popular option in Downtown Vancouver. Their dips are delectable, with flavours like Garlic Lovers and Parmesan Peppercorn.

Cost: Fritz starts at $3.25, Poutine starts at $5

Bottomless Fries // Red Robin, 803 Thurlow St and 801 Marine Dr #100

Keep those fries coming until you've gotten your happy fill. With different free refillable options like Yam fries and garlic fries, you'll most likely find a flavour that will satisfy you.

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