When you and your boyfriend were 19, you lived for summer nights getting lit at the clubs and drinking until you were both sloshed.

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But now that you're both grown, old and more "mature", what you considered fun a few years back (or maybe even just last year lol) just doesn't cut it for you anymore. It's time to spice it up and try something new for your new found grandpa and grandma identity.

Even if you're not a grandma but you have to drag your grandpa boyfriend out of the house, we guarantee that these "fun things to do in BC" are actually super fun and you'll have a good time too.

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Go on a luxury glamping trip.

Various locations in BC

Not that all men love camping, but many definitely do. Going on a weekend camping trip will mean the world to him. And if neither you nor your partner are exactly "the nature type", these luxury camping sites will change your mind. With wi-fi, gourmet meals, REAL beds, and incredible scenery, you'll wish you could always go glamping.

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Take a dip in at a secret lake.

Various locations in BC

Nothing is more romantic than going for a dip in the lake with your boo. I mean, just imagine it, splashing water in each others' faces, laughing and giggling, adoring each other's hot bod in their swimsuit...okay I'm getting sidetracked. But you get the point. Do a mini-road trip to one of these "hidden" lakes in BC and enjoy the company and your view.

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Swinging from tree to tree at the Treetop Adventures.

Treetop Adventures // Whistler

If your boyfriend is a bit of an adventure buff (or wants to be), the Treetop Adventure Course in Whistler are perfect for him. Swing from vine to vine doing super fun challenges like monkey bars 30 ft. in the air, zip-lining, and climbing up heavy-duty rope nets.

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Go to a drive-in theatre.

Twilight Drive-In // Langley

Pop the trunk, bust out the popcorn and cozy blankets because we're going to a drive-in movie theatre. Besides the fact that Jughead (a.k.a. Cole Sprouse) has literally left his mark here, The Twilight Drive-In is simply awesome because of they're up-to-date movie line up and snack bar.

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Hike the Sea-to-Sky Gondola.

Sea-to-Sky Gondola // Squamish

If your grandpa (your boyfriend...let's clarify lol) enjoys long walks and nature, you have to take him t the Sea-to-Sky Gondola in Squamish. Hike up the many trails that range from easy to difficult and experience the incredible views of the #PNW together...and post on the gram to make all your single friends jealous.

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Go lazy river tubing.

Penticton River Channel // Penticton

When "laziness" is your middle name, you know you gotta hit up a lazy river this summer. Penticton's famous river channel is known for is 7km stretch of beautiful waters and pretty scenery. Bring some booze, a few snacks, and get to floating.

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Go on a lit wine-tasting road trip.

Various locations in Kelowna

Old people love wine, and so do you. Take your S/O on a road trip to the Golden Mile and enjoy all the flavours of our own BC grapes. You can even go on a shuttle bus that will take you around to the different wineries so neither of you have to worry about being DD.

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Hit up a natural hot spring.

Various locations in BC

Thank you mother nature for hot springs! Thank you universe for putting us in BC to enjoy these incredible hot springs! Grab your favourite couple to go on a double date with and take a dip in one of the many awesome hot springs that's closest to you. Just remember to be nice to nature and keep in mind that you're sharing the space with other humans and wildlife.