Who blinked and realized it was April? Hands up. We are already 4 months into 2017 and that can only mean that those gorgeous three months of summer that we get on the West Coast are coming up quick!

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I don't know about you but I'm already over these April Showers and I am waiting for June Hikes. I just made that up now, but frankly, I don't care that much about May's flowers...

So get yourself psyched for Summer and start planning your next hike with your BFF!

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Mount Finlayson

Mount Finny! If anyone you know has hiked Mount Fin, they will probably say, "it's such a good one...the end though..." and until you actually do it, you won't know what they mean. I'm going to keep you on that same cliffhanger. Go hike the mountain and then cool off down at Shawnigan Lake!

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Goldstream Trestle

If you're crunched for time but want to snap a cool pic for Insta, I suggest hitting up the Goldstream Trestle. The hike itself is only about 30-40 minutes (intense though!) but once you get to the top you can walk along the (somewhat) abandoned trestle. Don't look down!

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Mount Work

Bring your canines and werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. Mount Work takes about 2 and half hours to complete round trip and you will work up a sweat but the views at the top are work the glute burn.

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Mount Doug

Your friendly neighbourhood hike. Mount Doug is a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or family with its different trails that each have their own difficulty level. Get a view of suburban Victoria at the top and make sure to catch the sunset!

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Gowlland Tod

Gowlland Tod Provincial Park offers an array of hikes from easy to intermediate. Communities from all over Vancouver Island come to Gowlland Tod to get a shot of the water from above. Get yours today!

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Sooke Potholes

We all know the potholes are fun in August when it's hot AF outside and you want to cool off, but the secret is that hiking the potholes all year is THE thing to do on your next Sunday off.

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Juan De Fuca

I didn't even know what pictures to use because if you google "Juan De Fuca" you've pretty much already packed your bags. This trail is gorgeous!! The hike is designed for either one strenuous day or for a multiple hike trip where you can camp along the beaches. Summer's around the corner!

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West Coast Trail

The grand finale! By now you're an expert hiker. You've trained. You're ready. This is your Everest. Pack your bags, bring a crew of willing participants, and hike and camp along the West Coast Trail! The hike is only oppen between May and September and you do need to register with Parks Canada which you can do so by clicking here.