We all want to travel and have a little getaway in the summer, but sometimes that can be tough with flights being so pricey. Lucky for you, we found 5 Round trip flights that will cost you less than 500!

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Whether you want to shop til you drop in LA, live out your Gossip Girl dreams in New York or just relax on a beach in Mexico (cue the Despacito), we got you covered.

Check it out, we promise it will be worth it.

1. Vancouver to San Francisco

Price: 352.11

Airline: Delta

2. Vancouver to Los Angeles

Price: 317.00

Airline: American Airlines and WestJet

3. Vancouver to Las Vegas

Price: 280.00

Airline: Delta

4. Vancouver to Mexico 

Price: 465.00

Airline: American Airlines

5. Vancouver to New York

Price: 398.00

Airline: American Airlines

6. Vancouver to Orlando

Price: 289.30

Airline: American Airlines

7. Vancouver to Miami

Price: 346.00

Airline: American Airlines

8. Vancouver to Cancun

Price: 406.41

Airline: American Airlines