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8 SkyTrain Struggles That Are Too Real

The only thing more glamorous than public transit is everything

Public transit definitely has its perks. It helps out the environment, usually saves you time, and you never have to worry about finding parking. Plus, fare is cheaper than gas.

However, the SkyTrain and the people on it have their own unique set of qualities that will either make or break your commute. If you regularly have some less than ideal times on the SkyTrain, then these eight struggles will be all too relatable.

1. There's always someone who wants to be your new BFF.

They don't care that you have to get off at the next stop, they're already too invested in telling you every detail of their aunt's friend's wedding that you never asked about. The only way to combat this is to fake that you're getting off at a stop, and then sneakily run and hide in a different car until they leave.

2. The mysterious smells

Is it urine? Is it three week old ham? Did someone puke? The world may never know. If one thing is for sure though, the unique smell is what truly makes the SkyTrain memorable, but perhaps not in the best way.

3. When you don't realize you're on the wrong line until it's too late

We've all done it. It's late, you're tired, and you just want to go home, so you automatically hop on the first train that arrives. Half an hour later though, you find yourself at Sapperton when all you wanted was to get to Scott Road.

4. When someone won't give up their priority seating for someone who actually needs it

This one is kind of a touchy subject, since you really can't tell if someone has some sort of ailment that isn't visible on the surface. However, if there's a nine months pregnant lady on the train and not a single one of the people are getting up to let her sit, it's a problem.

5. When someone is eating something smelly and it stinks up the whole SkyTrain

Unless you're eating cotton candy spun from the hair of literal angels, don't bother to bring your smelly burger or taco or pizza or whatever with you. The smell lingers for a long time after you're gone, and not everyone loves a triple patty burger with no tomatoes and extra mayo as much as you do.

6. Being so short that you have to stand in peoples armpits

This one is self explanatory. Tall people hold on up high, which leaves short people to fend for themselves down below. They're forced to suffer through every bump and jolt that the train encounters, sending them face first into the damp, armpitty goodness of nearby strangers .

7. It's been months and you still have no idea how the Compass card works

So it's different if you're going from bus to SkyTrain? And you have to tap stuff now? How dare you give me this fancy card, I want my flimsy, monthly U-Pass piece of paper back.

8. When the train is so packed that you don't get to sit down for your entire commute

No matter how hawk eyed you are while searching for an empty seat, there are times where you'll have to just suck it up and stand for the entirety of your 45 minute commute to work. On the plus side, balancing on the SkyTrain in an attempt to stay upright totally counts as a core work out, right?

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